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With season 10 over and season 11 not starting till October, it only seems fitting to look back over the past 10 years to see just how much all our favourite characters and cast members have changed.

Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester

I think we can all agree that Dean Winchester has been through a lot over the past decade so its no surprise that Jensen has changed too. No more blonde highlights and pouty lips, it's all about the blue steel and stubble now!

Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester

Padalecki has definitely changed the most of all, anyone who's seen season 4 can tell you that, his hair has grown a few feet much like himself but those puppy eyes can still make us go 'awww'.

Misha Collins - Castiel/ Jimmy Novak

Not here from the beginning but everyone's favourite angel has changed dramatically in ten years! What happened to the blonde, Misha?!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - John Winchester

The silver haired fox still looks the exact same even after all these years, some might say its rather... supernatural???

Samantha Smith - Mary Winchester

Only with us for a few episodes but the spark of the entire show had to be mentioned. If you've seen the new shake it off parody video, you'll understand how gorgeous Smith still is!

Jim Beaver - Bobby Singer

The Winchester's guardian remains burly and surly as ever, really liking that cowboy hat though Jim!

Osric Chau - Kevin Tran

The Season Nine mid finale is something we never speak of but look how adorable 2005 Osric is! 2015 Osric is still adorable and I'm not sure how, it's just unfair.

Mark Sheppard - Crowley/ Fergus

"Hello boys" will always be Crowley's catchphrase even after a decade of knowing him, Sheppard seems to have taken to the facial hair... hmmm quite a lot of the cast have actually.

Rob Benedict - God/Chuck

No one could ever forget Chuck - Prophet of the Lord prior to Kevin and writer of the Winchester gospels. Despite only being in around 3 episodes - Benedict left a lasting impression on us all.

Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer/Nick

I couldn't resist adding the devil to this list, after all, if an actor can make you feel sorry for Satan, I think they deserve all the recognition they can get!

I know I missed out some vital characters, Ruby, Meg, Jo, Ellen, CHARLIE (hint at my rage of recent events) and Gabriel being amongst the many but who do you think changed the most and more importantly - are you ready for season 11?


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