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What is it with Evan Peters? I find it impossibly hard to categorize him, and view him within an established group of young actors. The first thing I saw him in was Kick-Ass back in 2010. He seemed to fit the role of dorky unassuming friend, and I didn't think much more of him. The role was so forgettable that I didn't even notice when he was recast in Kick-Ass 2. Then comes American Horror Story, and then [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942), and then woah this guy has range!

Look at that range!
Look at that range!

An actor like Evan Peters should be real thankful for a show like American Horror Story. No show offers the same capability to showcase your range and talent as a performer. Role didn't work for this season? Don't worry! You have a new character coming up for the next! From dead teenagers to grease monkeys to frat boys; Evan Peters knows how to roll with a role, and part of the fun of being an American Horror Story fan is wondering who your favorites will appear as next time.

With American Horror Story: Hotel so far away, let's all start guessing what kind of role Evan Peters could adopt for Season 5!

The Everyman

I mean who can't relate to this?
I mean who can't relate to this?

This is probably the safest bet for Evan Peters and the show runners behind American Horror Story: Hotel. The guy has such an innate sense of likability that he barely needs any lines before you're convinced he's the good guy. Think back to the start of Asylum, when you first see him in his garage. A little part of you can't help but think "yeah Evan Peters!" and suddenly you're completely on his side without knowing it. This model could work in American Horror Story: Hotel, as we will certainly need a central character to hook on to emotionally if Season 5 is going to centre around secrets going on behind closed doors.

The Bad Boy

This one I'm not so sure about. Sure you can dress Evan Peters up as a greaser and slick back his hair and give him a cigarette, but he will always look like Evan Peters dressed up to give the correct impression. There's a reason Quicksilver from X-men was made a dorky teenager, and that's because any effort to be genuinely gruff and cool would come off laughable. Evan Peters doesn't quite have the body type to be physically intimidating, and since Hotel will be set in the modern day, I'm not sure what equivalent to a bad boy he could play. Perhaps I'm wrong about this, but Evan Peters will always appear a little more Luke Skywalker than Han Solo.

The Victim

Evan Peters having a terrible time
Evan Peters having a terrible time

American Horror Story: Coven did such an interesting switcharoo with Evan Peters, casting him as a seemingly frivolous character, but then developing him appropriately through all the terrible events he succumbs to (namely getting dismembered in a car crash and reassembled to appease teenage girl curiosity). There's always something troublingly gendered about who's having the worst time in a horror movie. Sure, men and women get killed in equal measure, but there's often a weird focus on a woman's fear and suffering. When that lens is flipped, and it's a man in the most vulnerable position, it doesn't only balance the playing field, but it also makes for a more interesting character.

If American Horror Story: Hotel were to once more centralize Evan Peters as the true victim of the horror elements, I would be totally keen to see where the show took him.

The Villain

You ever think about... like... death?
You ever think about... like... death?

Here's another hopeful one. Evan Peters said himself in an interview with Gold Derby that he would like to assume the role of a villain once more. Sure, Tate in Murder House was a scheming instigator of chaos, but simply by being a spirit, he didn't embody that very human sense of evil. When Zachary Quinto's character in Asylum reveals himself to be a deranged killer, you feel the shock of having a respectable person reduced to a monster before your eyes. It's that kind of role that would suit Evan Peters perfectly for American Horror Story: Hotel. His sheer likability and cute persona could be exploited to show us the real horror of an evil person parading around before us.

American Horror Story: Hotel is still a long way off, and there's still plenty about Season 5 that is yet to be revealed. Is there anything I've missed that you want said? Why not write an article yourself about what you want to see from Evan Peters in October!


What kind of role should Evan Peters play in American Horror Story: Hotel?


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