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I've collected comic books, seen all the movies and series, and I can't wait to write about it.

The first thing you guys should know before you read my blog is that I am new here, so if I have a few flaws, point them out. For my very first blog here on Moviepilot, I would like to share my 5 favorite speedsters in the DC Universe, mostly because I love The Flash.

5. Johnny Quick (Earth 3, New 52)

He is one of the original members of the Crime Syndicate (If you do not know them, watch Justice League: A Crisis of Two Earths, it's an awesome movie). He is quite similar to some of the Reverse Flashes, but the difference between Johnny Quick and the Reverse Flashes is that Johnny, whose full name is Jonathan Allen, is from a different earth, while the Reverse Flashes are from a different time, and not really related to the Allens or Wests (except for Daniel West, who is the newest Reverse Flash).

4. Wallace Rudolph West

I loved him in the Justice League, Justice League unlimited series, and Young Justice. Can I get some Wally feels for the season 2 finale? I'm even waiting for him to show up in the new Flash show. He's easy to relate to since he's a fellow geek, he brings comedy to the show, and he is clever enough to recreate how Barry Allen got his powers when he was a teen, because he is that much of a Flash fan. Respect! In some versions, he's slower than the other Flashes, but that didn't stop him from reaching the list.

3. Bart Allen

He is a very interesting character in my opinion because he, like some of the Reverse Flashes, is from the future. He is the great grandson of Barry Allen, who's currently the Kid Flash in the New 52. He is also in Young Justice Season 2.

2. Eobard Thawne

BECAUSE, COME ON, HE IS A TRUE EVIL MASTERMIND! If you've seen the Flash, you would know just how evil. You can also see him in the movie Flashpoint Paradox. He does not really show up much in the movies, at least not yet. In case some of you do not know who he is, he is the original arch nemesis of Barry Allen. He is a very interesting villain because he idolized his arch nemesis a lot. He idolized Barry Allen so much that he made himself look like him when he was still in the 25th century. He came across a few artifacts from the Flash Museum, recreated the Flash incident to get his super speed, and traveled back in time. Then he learned that he was meant to be the Flash's arch enemy which drove him mad. Cool story huh? He will always be one of my favorite villains

1. Barry Allen

Of course it is Barry Allen, the most famous Flash to this day. Not only do I favor him because he is, in my opinion, the most innovative with the speed force, but he, again, in my opinion, also has the most interesting stories in the comics. He also has a lot of interesting villains to deal with. His mother, Nora Allen, was murdered and her killer was unidentified, and the murder was blamed on Henry Allen. Now, in the Flash series, Eobard Thawne killed Barry's mother, which made a lot of people think that the Flash series season 1 is following an alternate timeline. So yeah, Barry was motivated to become a detective because of his mother's mysterious murder. While he was working with chemicals in a laboratory on a stormy night, he was struck by lightning surrounded by all the chemicals he was working on, which lead him to become the Scarlet Speedster we all know and love.

So there you go, this is how I introduce myself to you guys. Thanks for reading my fellow geeks! Hope you like more of what I write here. Cheers!


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