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Kim Kardashian herself estimates her entire selfie collection to be over 5,000 images. That is an astonishing amount of self-preserved self-absorption. Only 300, or less than 10%, is present in Kardashian's latest bit of self-promotion, "Selfish," a 448 page coffee table photo book devoted to the one thing she loves more than herself (and Kanye and North West), her i-Phone.

With the announcement of Kardashian baby number two on the way, fans and non-fans can moan and groan knowing that there is going to be another nine months of baby bump photos to coo over and endure.

That just makes Kim ripe for parody.

So, it is not surprising that the fictional realm of female beauty - the Disney Princesses - would want in on the action. Boston based artist and illustrator, Isaiah Stephens, has taken nine of Disney's loveliest creations and posed them into classic Kardashian candid moments. The princesses not only become a better part of Kim's world but our world also.

Pocahontas as cleavage selfie Kim:

Jasmine as "calling out all y'all side chicks" selfie Kim:

Elsa and Anna as belfie BFFs Kim and Blac Chyna:

Mulan as messy-closet selfie Kim:

Ariel's red-lace-thong selfie:

Cinderella's waist-training selfie:

Esmeralda's 'date-night' restroom selfie:

Tiana, Naveen, and Charlotte as Grammys selfie Kim, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen:

All above images via Cosmopolitan.

The other extreme for Kardashian self-parody is to go the cute animal route. Mashable invited 'Doug the Pug' to live just like Kim Kardashian for a day. The results are so ugly that they are adorably cute.

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