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After Marvel's elite squad of lawyer ninjas managed to successfully steal the rights to Spider-Man from the fortress of Sony, the internet has been ablaze with speculation as to who which young actor will assume the role of the web slinger. Meanwhile, Andrew Garfield is practicing drunkenly wandering the streets proclaiming "I used to be a somebody!", before Tobey Maguire shows up with an umbrella and an outstretched hand saying "it'll be okay, Andy."

Screen tests!

Woah careful of your arthritis, Grandpa!
Woah careful of your arthritis, Grandpa!

That all important stage in casting, screen tests, are now going down in Atlanta. These are one step up from the casting rumors and offers that plague pre-production, as they consist of more than executives terrified to utter a name for fear that the internet will explode.

I'm not even sure why screen tests are a thing anymore. There are so many photoshops of these actors' heads on Spider-man floating around, aren't they good enough? Hell, I think if I photoshop my head onto Spider-man and spread it around enough, I could be in the running to play Peter Parker. Oh wait, I'm in my 20s. I'm a grandpa compared to these guys! And who are these guys?

Asa Butterfield

So round!
So round!

How many kids born in the 90s can say "yo I worked with Martin Scorsese and Harrison Ford before I even turned 18"? Asa Butterfield is how many! As if that name alone didn't make him feel special enough, Butterfield is perhaps the hottest contender to assume the role of Peter Parker. We know he can rock an American accent well enough to get the role, but then again who can't what with how many British actors take superhero roles today?

It might sound almost petty and pedantic, but I can't help but notice that Butterfield has an incredibly round head for playing Spider-man. It seems like it would stand out while wearing the mask, like Ben Affleck playing Batman but keeping his beard from Argo.

Tom Holland

Watch out, Tom! Your career is showing!
Watch out, Tom! Your career is showing!

One thing I feel Tom Holland has over Asa Butterfield is a slightly more expressive face. I believe more charisma could be brought from him in the next Spider-man movie. Then again, as Andrew Garfield showed, we can't go too charismatic. That way, the essence of Peter Parker as a dorky loser elevated by his powers is lost. Could Tom Holland find a happy medium between Maguire's and Garfield's Spider-man?

He certainly has the physicality for the role, playing Billy Elliot on stage and being trained in ballet. If that ain't qualification to play Spider-man, I don't know what is!

Charlie Plummer

Many of the images thrown around depicting Charlie Plummer as a contender to play Spider-man have been far from flattering, highlighting his blonde hair and somewhat affluent features. I've used an image that showcases him on screen, which funnily enough, is exactly what screen tests do! You may recognize Plummer from his stint on Boardwalk Empire a couple years back, to which you might say "who? That child?"

Yes it seems that's an increasing issue with looking at the past careers of these boys. They're at the stage where simply a year ago they looked like kids, and are now in that tiny niche Marvel seems to be aiming for. Marvel should be aware that this high-school look will only last for one movie. What if the actor they cast starts balding or getting fat upon the second movie? Actually forget I said that. That would be amazing!

Matt Lintz

Matt Lintz in his most recent screen performance.
Matt Lintz in his most recent screen performance.

It's difficult to find a picture of Matt Lintz, for he's never featured prominently in something, though he will appear in the upcoming videogame themed comedy from Adam Sandler, Pixels. Lintz really is testament to how young Marvel are aiming with this casting.

I wonder if they think he will grow up significantly during production. That surely can't be the case, for this new Spider-man is set to make his debut in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). I'm just saying, if this trend continues with each reboot of Spider-man, then soon the actor will be so small, the character may as well be played by a real spider... and that's an incredible idea. Why have Marvel not hired me?

Judah Lewis


Another actor with a relatively small catalogue of work; another obscure photo having to suffice! It's definitely a good trend to have complete unknowns contending to be Spider-man. That way, we at least add new talent to the Hollywood landscape rather than re-use it.

If Judah Lewis does get the role of Peter Parker, then we can look out for him in the upcoming Point Break movie, where he will be playing a younger version of Johnny Utah. Him being in that movie combined with the above picture clearly make him the most EXTREME candidate so far!

Charlie Rowe

So edgy!
So edgy!

At 19, Charlie Rowe may be the oldest Marvel will go in selecting a new Peter Parker. I mean come on! 19? We don't want him having hip problems on set now do we, Marvel?

Next to Butterfield, Charlie Rowe has probably the most accomplished collected works. He starred in the Golden Compass back in 2007. He literally played the younger version of Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go. He played Peter Pan in the TV miniseries Neverland, and he even appeared as a young Robin Hood in the BBC series. That's certainly a resume you'd want to slap on Marvel's desk! Rowe also seems like he would have a decent action film presence. He doesn't look completely wafer-thin, and he's that right blend of dorky and robust.

What are your thoughts? Who will most likely be cast as the new Peter Parker, and who do you think would be best for the role? Comment below, or write your own article on it! Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets!


Who is the best contender to play the next Spider-man?


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