ByVenkat Bulusu, writer at

Marvel Comics has released a teaser image of its Free Comic Book Day comic revealing the first two members of its All-New, All-Different Avengers team, which will form once Secret Wars ends this fall.

The image features two females: Thor and Ms. Marvel.

Our best guesses for the silhouettes are Iron Man, Sam Wilson's Captain America, a caped character that could be Doctor Strange or Vision, Spider-Man, and Nova. Who do you see in this superhero Rorschach test?

The green hands might look like they belong to Hulk at first glance, but because they're glowing, our best bet is villain Radioactive Man. However, given Marvel's love of misdirection in these types of teasers, it could be anyone.

Current Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman will be departing the franchise once Secret Wars ends, so it's unclear who will be taking over once he leaves. Hopefully by the time this Avengers team is completely revealed, we'll also know the artist and writer.


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