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Since writing the first article for Allison Road, the game has exploded! Going from around 500 Facebook likes, to 6,000! The game was even Greenlit on Steam in under 48 hours! Fans from all over the world have been absorbed with this game, which is very reminiscent of the dearly missed P.T.!

"Dad was such a drag!" - There's even a small nod to P.T.'s radio news in the new gameplay trailer!
"Dad was such a drag!" - There's even a small nod to P.T.'s radio news in the new gameplay trailer!

Only two weeks ago, Chris Kesler (lead developer) released the pre-alpha environment trailer! The two minute trailer showed us a bit of what the atmosphere would be like. And for being so short, and not suggesting any harm to the player, the trailer was surprisingly creepy!

Missed the pre-alpha trailer? Watch it here!

The environment looks absolutely stunning, and there's definitely many improvements from his walk-through of the level back in November. Everything looks so lifelike - as if you could just reach out and touch it, which is definitely going to make everything just that much scarier!

The gameplay trailer is here!

Today, the prototype gameplay trailer dropped! In it, we see the main character wake up on the couch, and begin interacting with the environment. But before I delve into the details, take a look at the new trailer below!

Disclaimer: I am the girl in the Polaroid photo at the 3:33 mark. Kesler wanted to include a photo of myself in the game as a "thank you" for being the first to cover 'Allison Road' (to our knowledge) on May 13, 2015.

Gameplay Mechanics

As far as the mechanics go, picking up and examining objects seems as simple as pressing a button and moving your mouse/joystick to rotate it. I personally love games that do this, because I like having the option of actually being able to explore the environment in depth, and truly appreciate it, instead of just seeing the objects from afar as if they're just meant to exist for cluttering the environment in a realistic way.

It's the simple things that make me happy!
It's the simple things that make me happy!

Kesler also said on Allison Road's Facebook page that there will also be an inventory system. We can tell just from the gameplay that this will be needed in certain situations. For example, when he picks up a mug from the kitchen counter, you're given the option to store it in your inventory.

The inventory screen is not yet complete, so we did not see it in the video, but it's nice knowing that there will be one! This just further backs up the need of picking up and examining objects.

"At this point pretty much all of our core mechanics are in place. However, some actually didn't make the cut-off for the video; The inventory is one of those things. We'll showcase that at some point in the future."

Do we have weapons?

In the video, we see that we're given the option to equip the meat cleaver on the counter, which to me, instantly said "You're going to need this!"

I'm going to need all the help I can get!
I'm going to need all the help I can get!

I definitely wanted to know how important this feature was going to be in the game. Will we need to equip weapons? If there are indeed moments of combat, is it a minor focus? When speaking to Kesler, he said:

"Combat will be a minor focus in the game. It'll be more of a question of self defense rather than actively going out to hunt, so to speak.

The thing we are definitely trying to achieve with Allison Road is a real sense that you are in a real place. In your place. For all the design choices in the game we asked ourselves, for example: 'Okay, what would I do if I had an intruder in the house?' Would I equip my double-barrel shotgun? Not very likely, since I don't own one. Meat cleaver? Yeah, possibly.

It's going to be a vivid mix of realism and surrealism and there won't be a heavy focus on fighting. It's more about creative problem solving in order to survive."

Confirmed multiple entities!

From the beginning, we knew about Lily, the girl who was brutally murdered. Many people (including myself) initially thought that Lily would be the only entity we saw, but after today, that clearly isn't the case!

I still can't get over how realistic this game looks. Just incredible!
I still can't get over how realistic this game looks. Just incredible!

Very briefly in the gameplay trailer, we heard a new, deep, menacing voice. Although Kesler couldn't elaborate too much at this point in time, there will indeed be more than just Lily to worry about.

"Yes, there will be Lily. And yes, there will be other entities in the house. And there will be the house and there will be time. Space and time... it's all relative."

There's more to Lily than what meets the eye!

At around the twelve minute mark in the trailer, we see Lily. She's walking towards us, but she almost seems docile. When asking Kesler if she would have some "sweeter" moments, he said:

"Actually, Lily plays a very different part in the story than people might think. Yes, she is a threat, and you better go hide as quickly as you can once you hear her approaching. However, like I said earlier, her fate and yours are inevitably linked."

"So even though you may not want to delve deeper into her character's history, or spend more time with her around than you absolutely have to, you will have no choice. In order to solve the game you will have to find out where the links are. The links to her, and to whatever else may stalk you in the dark."

Keep up to date with everything Allison Road!

Exciting times are ahead! I can't wait to continue watching the development of Allison Road! If you'd like to keep up with Allison Road as well, you can watch the game's progress on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and IndieDB!

I'll be reporting in on Allison Road whenever there's big news! If you'd like to keep up-to-date with all of my articles, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook! If you enjoy my indie articles and would like to see more, you can support me on Patreon!


Was that gameplay trailer everything you hoped it would be?!


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