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Superhero's and Horror are my specitalty
Isaak Whiteaker

If you’ve been alive since 1962, you'll know the origin of Peter Parker. He's the nerdy guy that gets bullied and made fun of. He gets bitten by a radioactive Spider and becomes the Spider-man we all know and love, and have seen millions of times. His movies started out great but they have become repetitive. Everyone knows how Spidey became who he is. Insead feeling sad for nerdy little Pete, I just kind of get bored until he becomes Spider-man. The MCU has a real good chance right now to shake up the movie universe and and make a statement. There are plenty of reasons to make this important change.

Free Publicity

Marvel would get a lot more people reading the Miles comic books. And the reading of comics also implies that marvel will make money. To read them you usually have to buy them. And even if the new Spider-man gets terrible reviews and is universally hated, Marvel gets put in the news. Any publicity gets you recognized. For example, the DCCU hasn’t been as shall we say, subtle, about the characters in their movies, but they’ve had us talking about them since it was first announced. We may not like how many characters are in the movie, but we’ve been talking and rumoring and all around hyping it up. Any way you spin it, people will be talking about Miles Morales.

It’s a Change from The Norm

Change can be good every once and a while. Seeing the same thing 10 times gets boring at some point. I know everything about Peter Parker. I know all about his family and every single one of his powers. Miles Morales has different powers but stays true to the original Spidey. Some of his new powers include being invisible and a venom strike. These powers make him more dangerous than the other Spider-man by a long shot. The other way Miles differs from Petey is their personalities. Miles is still a little bit light hearted but takes on a more serious tone. Spidey’s constant jokes get annoying.

A Different Role Model

I’ve noticed the superheroes in movies right now are predominantly caucasian. The only black superheroes in marvel are Falcon and Black Panther (Who are undeniably cool) but are few in number to the white superheroes. Lots of people would welcome this change and some bluntly want it. All of the people out there want someone different to look up to. You begin not to feel sympathy for Peter. Miles is in totally different context than any versions of Peter and his life as Spider-man is totally different.

Miles is clearly a different Spider-man than Peter, but different is good. Peter's boring. Everyone knows how he is and what he can do. Miles is unknown to most and deserves to be widely known.


Do You Want Miles as Our New Spidey?


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