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I would say that Andres Muschietti's 'Mama' is a phenomenally written horror/mythology film. Most people would watch the trailer and think "Oh no, I can't watch that, it'll keep me up all night.", but in reality, 'Mama' is a well-written, deeply spun adventure that takes the viewer through mythology more captivating than the urban legends of Salem.

Chastain with... Something behind her... :/
Chastain with... Something behind her... :/

With an interestingly dark performance from Jessica Chastain, she tells us a story of sorrow and despair from this long-lost mother.


As for the horror of it, it's great and jumpy when it comes to horror and jump-scares, but it very much explains the plot and the 'why' of the film.

So you tell me, if you watch this modern masterpiece, if this film is in fact a "Hidden Gem".

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