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When a new superhero flick comes out I get inspired to make create a painting. There was another motivating factor that inspired me to make this piece, outside of being an Avengers fan. Have you seen the movie posters for the "Avengers Age of Ultron"? Oh man, they were pretty bad. It looked like a collage of pictures from previous stand alone films that were cropped, cut and pasted together. Then added a filters and slammed the movie title on it. Thank goodness the poster design wasn't a reflection of the film, which was quite good. I miss the days of artists like Drew Stuzan and John Alvin, who painted and used great composition to create beautiful pieces of art seen in movie theater lobbies around the world. There was one piece I really liked which was used as the Comic-Con promo piece and not surprisingly it was a painted piece with the team fighting Ultron's minions.

In 2012...

Back in 2012 after watching The Avengers, I was inspired to work on a personal piece. It had a more comic book look and feel to it. Since finishing that piece I always felt it was lacking and more depth and seemed unfinished. I never took the time to go back to it and add more to the piece. Life just got too busy.

2012 Drawing inspired by The Avengers Movie
2012 Drawing inspired by The Avengers Movie

2015 The Age of Ultron

Now it's 2015 and Avengers 2 The Age of Ultron is going to be in theaters! I was excited and motivated to work on an Avengers piece. I promised myself that I would go back to the Avengers painting I did back in 2012. After seeing some of the pics and promos of the new film, I scrapped that idea and decided to start a new painting. I'm glad that I did! The final piece with closeup are shown below.


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