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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
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Reasons I write this because I seen Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Batman, and Superman had their spotlight with movie stars and fans.

1. Aquaman

I heard a lot of things about him being lame and always talk to the fish. As matter of the fact, He is way more than that. When it get movie made, It will be take in underwater like James Cameron with Titanic and Abyss with some actions and use CGI from Life of Pi. It would make awesome movie and beautiful movie. Aquaman will approve that he is most powerful because he not only talk to finish,but he can gather sharks, whales, and other underwater animal that you can more than imagine.

2. Hawkman

I prefer him over Hawkgirl because he is so powerful and aggressive. Michael Shanks did the marvelous job in Smallville as Hawkman. I hope someday Hawkman will become more in Hollywood. He have cool mask and weapon. He is like Indiana Jones with immortality and more dangerous warrior with his mace and wings.

3. Martian Manhunter

He is way more mysterious and have cool powers in the mix. He also shape shift into humans, so he can live as human as he have job in detective. Imagine that detective have cool power ability to solve mystery whole quite quicker than normal amount of times. When he is in normal form of alien-like, he may looks creepy, but very cool as same time. He is also true hero to the earth that times better.

4. Doctor Fate

He is a sorcerer and he wears cool mask go along with his magic power. Smallville done a great job involving him. He was somewhat terrifying like he can see the future bring toward heroes and universe. He is also psychological type of person and bone-chilling. He also discover strategy to solve the problem quickly in his own pace. He does not show emotional.

5. Booster Gold

He is outgoing, extrovert type of hero. He does not take things personal. He had almost similar personality of Robert Downey Jr, but more glory. He travel from future and past, so he had knowledge what happening in the universe. He own advance technology to use in combat. There was times he went through his personal times and tragedy that made him a true hero. He have cool suit and goggle.

6. Red Tornado

Imagine that actual tornado with color red and cool red suit with blue cape. It would be plenty of actions. He have a interesting background where he was created by super-villain then turn into good. He had a hard time accepting the team and he feels like outsider. It show empathetic toward him like want to involve him.

7. Black Canary

She is the most terrifying and loudest being of the universe. She had canary cry that can attack enemies. She is like DC's version of Screaming Banshee except she use it against enemies. She does gymnastic skills added in her own combat. She also ride motorcycle as well.

8. Green Lantern

He had a movie that failed by bad writing. It is not actors fault because they followed it. There was a animated movie that show he can able to fight using his ring which is more creative. He can always overcome fears as he face his own courage and consumes it. He have knowledge between what right and wrong. He followed his own conscience than follow policy of being green lantern. He takes risks to do good. His character is almost similar to Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, but he turned himself into villain known as parallax, but destroy by the corps. When times passes. he had to forgive himself and turn back good again.

9. Flash(Barry Allen)

He just had TV Show with complete first season with second season on the way which is very successful as it is great start to earn spotlight. Barry is very positive mood and attitude. He is outgoing and willing to do what is right. He own super speed and there was variety strategies to use them and create things like time travel, winds, control things like stopping huge waves, storm, many other things. He is very impulsive type of person.

10. Wonder Woman

She never had a movie when it was planned for long time until batman v Superman with Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman would set great example for females in the world that all females can be strong and independent. She won't let things get in the way. She have cool powers with lassos, invisible jet, flight, strength, and more than she appears.

Sound off below if agree with this, is there another DC superheroes should deserve spotlight also as well?


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