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A bit of disappointing news to kick off the weekend, Infinite Earths fans.

It sounds as though Disney has scrapped plans to move forward with Tron 3. This choice came about due to the fact that the studio could not find a place on its crowded slate as it looked all the way into 2018, according to studio executives.

“We had never greenlit the movie, but it was in development for some time,” said one Disney executive, discussing the decision to put the project back on the shelf. “Things in the queue got ahead of it and we have such a big slate out in front of it, we started to think, ‘Where does it go?’ And it’s a pretty big investment to make if you are not even sure when you are going to release it.”

Plans had been made to begin shooting the next film this October n Vancouver. Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinki was set to return to direct the new film, with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund to star. Disney had hoped to shoot the sequel for the same money as Tron: Legacy - about $170 Million.

However, this doesn't mean audiences will never return to The Grid. “I think it could resurface at some point but it’s not going to get the go button right now,” said another individual familiar with the project.

This is disappointing, but so long as there is a chance that this movie wild get made, we're willing to wait. How about you guys? Are you upset to hear the news of Tron 3 being shelved?

(Source: Variety)

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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