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Poltergeist the remake was something I was extremely hesitant about at first. The original was such a great film, and honestly still held it's ground in today's horror. However once I saw the trailer for the remake I got the feeling that just maybe Poltergeist had some room for improvement. As the days got closer to the theatrical release I had to watch the original film numerous times. I also had the pleasure of reading the script to the original film as well. As the day came, I read the remake script first before seeing the actual film. Yes I simply couldn't help myself. After reading the script, I walked into that film with a very open mind, ready to see what the remake had to offer.

Poltergeist was quite an experience. I definitely can understand all the mixed reviews of the film now. As a remake the film fell short and here's why. The original film told such a story. There was a nice pace and build up to the climax of the film. You cared about the characters, and went through that emotional roller coaster with them. In the remake the "build up" was about 12 minutes long. Now in this generation's horror that's about the normal time. However this is why some classic films should not be remade. It takes away the true essence of the film.

Also because it was a complete updated remake they had to change all the technology in the film. I also believe they emphasized on the new technology too much. It was completely understandable that we were in the twenty first century. In comparison to the original, technology was heavily over used from the toys, to phones, computers, tablets, TVs, etc. This remake also showed a lot of what was so terrifying in the original. It was cool in ways and completely not needed in others.

However I really think the actors did an amazing job in the film. They were all believable, and relatable. The remake was shot through the younger boy's POV most of the time, and that was really amazing, and intriguing. Griffin the middle child is already afraid of most things, so when actual occurrences start to happen, it really gets intense. What I really loved as well was the remake's clown scene. It was chillingly creepy with a twist of humor in it. It was a thrill watching that scene.

A complaint that was heard often was that Maddie did not represent Carol Anne enough, and I honestly disagree. Kennedi Clements did a great job portraying Maddie. And just because of the name and hair color change, I feel everyone is thrown off. Which is a little strange because I remember Heather O' Rourke giving me chills, and so did Kennedi in the remake. Like stated before, the whole cast did an amazing job.

I was entertained, but couldn't help missing the original film. See for yourself and tell me in the comments below what you thought. If you haven't seen Poltergeist make sure you check it out now in theaters everywhere!


What did you think of the Poltergeist remake?


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