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In 1997, Joel Schumacher directed the infamous Batman film known as Batman & Robin. The film was heavily, heavily panned by critics for its overuse of campy styles, too many special effects, cartoonish atmosphere, possible homosexual innuendo (Bat Nipples and Bat Butt!), and Mr. Freeze's jokes (after all, in this movie, Mr. Freeze does look like a Power Rangers villain, doesn't he?). However, as a shock to some of you, I am actually a fan of the Joel Schumacher Batman movies, just like I'm a fan of Dragonball: Evolution and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I would also think that the 2010 film The Last Airbender would be watchable, too. I'm not trying to piss off all you fanboys and fangirls, but it's just that I like those movies, because to me, those movies have some level of style and substance.

If Batman & Robin got really good reviews, which I wished it would, than Batman Triumphant would have been released. Yeah, guys. Batman Triumphant was a supposed fifth film in the original series of Batman films that was canceled because of the critical failure of Batman & Robin. The plot for the canceled project goes like this: Harley Quinn tries to get revenge on Batman after he killed the Joker, who was killed in the 1989 Batman movie. The Scarecrow would also have been an antagonist for the movie, too, and the Joker would appear as a vision inside Batman's mind after he gets infected with the Scarecrow's fear toxin. Mark Protosevich, later known for his work on the 2007 classic I Am Legend, was hired by Joel Schumacher to write the script for Batman Triumphant. The release date for the project was to be mid-1999.

In my opinion, if Batman Triumphant was made, it would've been just as enjoyable as both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

In 2012, Chris O'Donnell, the guy who played Robin in the Schumacher movies, revealed to Access Hollywood that a Robin spin-off was planned, but was canceled, also because of the negative reviews received by Batman & Robin. The Access Hollywood website didn't give any details of the actual plot of the supposed Robin movie, so it could've been based off a plot from some of the Robin comics from the 1990's. It would've been a very awesome film to watch, just like what I said about Batman Triumphant.


Which of these canceled movies would you prefer if Batman & Robin was critically praised?


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