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Season six of The Vampire Diaries ended with Kai dead, Elena in a sleep state, and what appeared to be Mystic Falls in a state of destruction. But what's in store for season seven? Though we've been given a few hints, there are still so many questions that have yet to be answered.

Here are my top five:

How will Damon handle his temporary loss of Elena?

Julie Plec has said that Damon will return to his season one/season two ways, so I am eager to see what exactly that means. He has lost Elena more than once and every time, it had a negative effect on him. But now, Elena cannot wake up until her best friend, Bonnie, dies, and we all know that if Damon killed Bonnie just to get Elena back, he wouldn't have Elena for long. She would never forgive him.

There is the option of Bonnie being turned into a vampire to wake Elena, but since Nina isn't on the show anymore, that's highly unlikely until the end, or unless Julie decides for Elena to wake up and then go live her human life off-screen.

Plus, Julie has said that season seven will focus more on the brotherly bond between Stefan and Damon, so I'm excited to see how their relationship evolves.

How will Bonnie handle never seeing Elena again?

I think Bonnie is the one who is going to be affected most by the loss of Elena. She'll face the guilt of getting to live a long and happy life, while her best friend isn't allowed to even wake up until she dies. From what Julie said in a recent interview, Bonnie will be influenced by Damon, but also be there reminding him what kind of person Elena wanted him to be.

How the heck will Matt manage to stay human, not to mention, alive?

Somehow, Matty Blue Eyes has managed to remain one of the few remaining humans throughout all six seasons. It's a bloody miracle, but will it last? I'd be interested to see Matt as something other than a disgusted human, but at the same time, it would kind of be sad. Plus, he's pretty hot in a cop uniform.

Just how much damage will Lily's heretic "family" cause?

Heretic: a magic-siphoning witch, turned vampire. Great. Just what Mystic Falls needs. But how much damage will they cause? We all saw what Kai could do, and that was even before he was a vampire (which, killing him off I thought was a waste of a perfectly great story-line). These heretics have also been rippers, which is what got them locked away in a 1903 prison world to begin with. The question is: Can Lily control them? And does she want to?

How many more characters will we lose in season seven?

Season six saw a significant number of character deaths. There was the collapse of the Other Side, which deleted Katherine Pierce, Lexi Branson, and even Bonnie and Damon, though they weren't truly dead. There was the death of Kai, but I'm sure some people would say that was a blessing (I'm not one of those people; I adored Kai and his witty quips and sarcasm). We saw the death of Luke, who was sort of absorbed by Kai in the merge. And then there was the death of the entire Gemini coven, including Jo, Alaric's bride (right in the middle of her vows) and their unborn twins; Joshua Parker, Kai's father; Liv Parker, Kai's younger sister, who made Tyler kill her to activate his werewolf gene so he could heal himself. There was the horribly sad death of Caroline's mother, Liz Forbes.

We also saw the deaths of some minor characters, such as Sarah Salvatore, aka Monique. There was Stefan's sort-of girlfriend, Ivy, who died and became a vampire at the hands of Enzo, only to be burned alive by Tripp Cooke (Fell). There was Tripp Cooke (Fell), who was killed by Enzo.

The list goes on. But who are we going to lose when season seven rolls around? There are too many possibilities, most of which I don't even want to think about. I would say that I hope we lose Tyler, but he's gone already. Let's hope we lose Lily and her clan and that we don't lose anyone important to us, no matter who they might be.

Who do you want to see go? Are you excited to see the old Damon again? Were you sad to see Elena go? Sound off in the comments!


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