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Movie Producer:- You probably noticed that San Andreas made money this weekend... So I think it's time to cut the knife as it were. Split the melon. Collect the cabbage field.

Now I have an idea for the sequel. San Andreas... The Shaking was Only the Beginning. It's in early stages right now, well it's non-existent. However, I think we'd be able to bring a screenwriter on the shoot with us... It will be fine. Now story wise, the earthquake could only be the beginning. Bigger is better. So how about a submarine explodes in the River Thames. Then the massive shock from the Thames sends a shockwave destroying the whole of London creating a mile tall tsunami that is heading straight for... well San Andreas of course.

We know that going darker dishes all the monies. So let's kill off all his family... THEN The Rock finds his drowned daughter from the first movie. And she's not dead. She's actually a long descendant of Arthur Curry. Aquaman himself.

Which brings me to my next point. WARNER BROS CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. Why can't we lead from San Andreas, to Justice League to Mad Max... The audiences will eat it up. Am I the only one who wants to see Imperator Furiosa team up with The Rock, driving the War Rig with Hal Jordan flying by his side... I think it would be spectacular...

Now I'm thinking Ehren Kruger to write... And potentially direct...? We all saw how well the Transformers sequels did over at Paramount... He's clearly doing something right... Right? Hahaha.

As I say The Shaking is Only the Beginning. And San Andreas 2 is actually the secret sequel to both the Justice League and then set-up for Mad Max... The people love cross-overs... And I think we should give it to them in full effect... Starting immediately...

Time to Shake it Up
Time to Shake it Up

What do you think?

Executive of Warner Bros: ...................................... I think you're bloody stupid...

Movie Producer: Right... So...

Executive of Warner Bros: You start Monday.

Well that was a random post... What terrible movie ideas can you come up with, so Hollywood doesn't make them?


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