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The rumor among Marvel comic book readers is that Marvel Studios and Disney have been getting rid the characters and teams that are owned by other movie companies. At first it started off as a joke. We all thought there was no way that Marvel and Disney could be so petty as to kill off characters that make them money. Little by little characters that were owned by Fox were dying and or their series weren't being pushed or canceled. After that, it went from a joke, to rumor, to almost a fact. The 2015 Marvel poster came out and all of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters were removed from the poster all together. It's one thing to put them in the back or out of site, it's another to take them out all together. So what else has led me to the conclusion that Marvel and Disney are being petty?

Death of Wolverine:

When it was announced that Wolverine was going to lose his healing factor for good, I and a lot like me thought that this was just a ploy to sell comic books. Wolverine has lost or had his healing factor weakened before, so this was nothing new. Soon after, it was announced that Wolverine was going to die. We all laughed. You can't kill Wolverine. He's one of your best sellers and one of the greatest heroes in comics. So, again, there is no way that this would stick. This has to be some metaphorical death. Wolverine dies and Logan lives on. We were completely wrong. Wolverine died and he was going not coming back.

The comic was met with mixed reviews. Some thought the comic was a good ending that left Wolverine dying a hero and finding peace for once. Some thought the death was weird and pointless. I thought it was a little bit of both. The story was well written and didn't leave Wolverine being killed by some villain when he deserved to go out a hero. But, it still seemed weird that their most popular hero (maybe only seconded to Spider-Man) would be killed just because. Even after his death there was a few mentions in the comic books and then nothing. It was like his death all for nothing. "The Legacy of Logan" book was a sad book that featured his enemies and the young mutants he saved, but was eventually cancelled. It left me wondering why even bother? Just let him die and leave him be.

Death of Deadpool:

After the Deadpool movie was announced (again) and it looked like it was finally going to happen, Marvel announced that someone with "dead" in their name was going to die. When they announced this, it was used in the Deadpool font. So it was obvious that The Merc with a Mouth was going the way of Wolverine and Gwen Stacy. Deadpool is my favorite character so I hoped again that this was just some silly metaphor. Totally in denial that my favorite character could be killed. He's been blown up into pieces, destroyed with nothing left but his hand, and healed from a bag of blood and organs. There is no way that Deadpool could be killed for good. The Deadpool #250 came out and I was wrong yet again.

The comic itself was brilliant. Deadpool once again showed that he was more than just a goofball and was not to be taken lightly. Above all else, Deadpool protected his family and friends. Eventually, Deadpool, his daughter (that's not a typo) and his friends met on a yacht and they told him that he doesn't have to be alone for once in his life. They told him that for once he has a family and he should accept it. Deadpool was finally happy. Just as it looked like Deadpool was going to finally get a happy ending for once in his life, the Marvel incursion comes along and Deadpool was killed.

Unfortunately, they didn't,
Unfortunately, they didn't,

More than any of the deaths, this one seemed more forced than the others. Deadpool was finally getting some momentum going. The Deadpool books were selling and Wade Wilson was becoming an internet phenomenon and a household name. I can understand that Deadpool being killed before the incursion let every reader know that no one was beyond being killed. It was how he died that left us confused. It was like "Hey, he's dead." and that was it. No build up or anything. He was just dead and that was it.

The End of a Family:

The end of Marvel's first family.
The end of Marvel's first family.

For years the Fantastic Four was in need of a reboot. When the X-Men and even the Avengers changed the way they looked at how they worked, the Fantastic Four remained the same. None of their characters evolved with the exception of Sue Storm who went from damsel in distress to one of the toughest characters in Marvel. It wasn't until the Marvel Civil War came along that Reed Richards became a different character. He became a man who was willing to do everything he could to save the future. Even if it meant that his friends and family were hurt in the crossfire. While some might say that he was doing the right thing, his family completely disagreed. This left Reed becoming a bad guy at times. Keeping secrets from the people he loved and doing things that were completely out of character for him. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm didn't really need adjustments. They were perfect where they were and who they were. To make things better, Mark Millar got his hands on The Fantastic Four and the book finally had a new feel and a more modern look.

While it was receiving great reviews, Marvel decided to end the series. Of the three examples Fantastic Four might have made the most sense. Maybe it was time to end the run and let the characters go in different directions. But it's mighty convenient that after the Fantastic Four reboot was announced that Marvel decided it was time to put an end their first family's comic book run after 645 issues. The series ended right as the Fantastic Four were becoming something fans of comic books could actually enjoy. They were finally becoming more realistic with how they did things.


Not an X-Man in sight.
Not an X-Man in sight.

I will be the first to admit I would absolutely love it if the X-Men and Fantastic Four heroes and villains would finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the cost of losing the characters in the comics, the price is too high to pay. I am going to assume that Marvel thinks that getting rid of the characters in the comics will hurt the sales of the movies, but that is far from the truth. People are going to see the movies regardless of the comic book characters being alive or dead. This ploy is going to fail. The good news is that eventually Deadpool and Wolverine will be back and The Fantastic Four will also still be around. It's only a matter of time. Until then, enjoy the back issues and wait until both Fox and Marvel can strike some sort of deal and work together.

As always, if you have an opinion that differs from mine or if you just want to share your thoughts, put them in the comment section.

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