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Erika Caceda Aparicio

Hello people, this girl called Lex is rocking with her makeup tutorials. Lately, I was checking her YouTube channel and I found some really cool makeup for cosplaying or going out to ask for candy on Halloween, or maybe even a crazy date.

Here are some of the characters she made with some brushes and paradise paint.

Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial

Alice: Madness Returns White Rabbit Makeup Tutorial

Alice Madness Returns: Hysteria Makeup Tutorial

Darth Maul (Star Wars) Makeup Tutorial | NO Prosthetics

Mystique Makeup Tutorial

Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

Comic Iron Man Makeup Tutorial (Marvel)

This are my last two favorites:

Jared Leto Joker Makeup and Mad Max Character "Immortal Joe"

Immortal Joe Makeup Tutorial

Lex does great makeup work, she also has some vlogs and talks about diabetes and how she struggles with it in a very fun and cool way.

Also I'm in love with Mykie from Glam and Gore, but I guess you have already checked her out. Currently she is one of the 30 finalist in a NYX Face Awards. If you like her you can vote in using your email address.
Check here her viral Suicide Squad Fan Art.

Thnx for reading.


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