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Do not go gentle into this article. This one might be a bit long but people would thoroughly enjoy it. Picture this my fellow MARVELite.

Xandar a year from now. Children play through the streets and business men and woman and... things travel to and fro. Flying cars, hover bikes, speed trains, hover boards, and space ships all bustling about as Nova Corps patrol vehicles roam the streets. This isn't normal.

Ever since Ronin the Accussers attacks on Xandar, there have been strict rules in place. A curfew, survival kits, emergency alarms, and military stations full of Nova Corps guards scatter the city and everyone lives in fear of a new attack.

This is only the inevitable. Lady Death arrives to everyone.

"Greetings life of Xandar. I have come to do the deed. I am not here to kill but to take your souls away. Thanos, The Mad Titan is attacking Xandar. The apocalypse is upon you. All you can do... is hide."

Everyone runs to the bunkers as Thanos and his Phalanx army warships spread across the sky like a disease. They open fire and thousands die in an instant. Screams fill the city.

A highly trained Head of Vault security orders his men to open the doors. The doors open and the commander rushes in to retrieve the Infinity Stones.

"What should we do Commander Ryder?" asked a guard in fear.

"Thanos cannot get to the Stones! Defend the door." commands Richard.

The door shuts behind him and he reaches the High Priority Artifacts Section. He places in the coding and two hatches unlock. The Stones shine with a purple and orange glow. The Power Gem and the Time Gem.

No time to lose, Richard rushes out with the Gems in portable containment units. He rushes past the many other vaults as explosions echoed through the halls. Thanos was coming.

As he passes the High Priority Biological Organisms vault an explosion busted the vault open. Phalanx soldiers rushed out and Richard opens fire. He kills one by one but they don't seem focused on him. They seemed running out in fear.

He stopped firing and almost an instant later, the entire wall explodes open as an enormous dragon protrudes from the wreckage.

"I HAVE AWOKEN! FEAR ME!" the dragon rasps boomed across the hall.

Ryder looked to the broken containment collar. The name displayed was FIN FANG FOOM. Cosmic/mystic origins. Extremely dangerous.

The dragon immediatly smashed through the ceiling after a show of power and a rain of small Phalanx ships fired down and zipped around. Thanos's figure looked down like a shadow and spotted Ryder. He grinned maniacally.

"Give me the Gems my friend." He boomed.

"For Xandar!" Richard shouts.

He begins firing up at the ships with his rifle. Killing multiple Phalanx. They fired back and Richard ducked, the bullets bounced away with a purple glow. Ryder looked at the Power Gem. The containment unit had burst and the Gem seeped its power out. It trickled down onto Ryder and his body starts to glow brightly.

In an instant, a purple explosion burst from Ryder. Ships were destroyed and the dragon roared in the sky. Thanos laughed with his horrific laugh.

"Foolish mortal, he didn't know what he held in his hands."

Suddenly, a glowing figure flies from the smoke with the Time Gem and barely misses Thanos who just turns around in anger.

A telepathic voice of a woman spoke to Thanos in his mind.

"What should we do now father? He has the two gems, my mind cannot breach his."

"Destroy everything. Kill everyone. My dear Moonstone. Then... we have some hunting to do."


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