ByGoddard BlackRafiki Ogutu, writer at

Only weeks since the Arrow finale and the writer are back at it with the start of writing season 4. They took to Instagram, bidding season 3 a farewell, and welcoming the start of season 4. With the season 3 finale, it seemed to be that a lot people felt uncomfortable with the ending. Whether it being that fact there wasn't much of a cliff hanger lead into next season, or the idea of it ending on such happy, light heart area (probably would have been better as a series finale.) It could also be that Oliver went away at the season, (again.....for the 3rd time.)

With how every you may have felt about the ending, i believe in the fact that the writers know what they are doing. How many times of the course of 3 seasons have they planted a seed for something, whether we saw or not at first, and have rewarded the fans with a big payoff. I feel that this is not any different.

With ending of the season, there is one very notable Green Arrow story that they could do, which would be Long Bow Hunter, but with a couple of alterations of course. If have never heard of that story line, i suggest in finding time and reading that story. It is a great read!

What are some of your predictions for season 4? And what are you most excited to see?


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