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I'm hardcore about only a few things, but some of them are star wars, Marvel and DC comics, and the Lord of Rings. I'm just looking for a pl

There are only a few things I'm very hardcore about, and now I'm proud to say that the new Netflix' Daredevil series is one of those things.

After having watched amazing series like The Walking Dead and House of Cards, I felt like looking for something new, when all of a sudden the perfect opportunity fell into my hands. The wave of excitement and anticipation for the new Daredevil Netflix series caught up to me. Even though I was feeling skeptical when taking not only the 2003 Daredevil movie into consideration, but also previous Marvel series like Secret Agents of SHIELD, or Agent Carter.

For some reason I couldn't help but feel excited after seeing the first trailer, and reading some of the first reviews. Now that I've watched the first season in it's entirety, I feel inclined to share with you all why this show is worth the watch and FREAKING AMAZING

Let's suit up, shall we?
Let's suit up, shall we?

Daredevil is completely new concept

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be blind? Have you ever wondered what it would like to be blind, and still be able to know what's happening going on? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all of the above, and then use your (dis)abilities to battle guys with your bare fists?

If you've never read a Daredevil comic book or watched this show before, chances are that you've never considered that last point. Daredevil is a completely new idea. Instead of super strength or mind control, or the other powers we fantasise about, Matt Murdock is a blind guy, who makes the best out of his situation. Not only that but Daredevil is able to notice things through his other senses that are limited by his sight. The concept of Daredevil is very human, but supernatural in a very unique way.

The way the show portrays how Matt takes in his surroundings is very well done as well. When hearing the heartbeat echoing through my headphones I could almost feel my heart slowing to match that of the sound I was hearing. I also find it difficult to imagine that I was the only person that tried walking around the house with their eyes closed, just to glimpse the incomprehensible world of blindness.

The characters draw you into the story

When it comes to Daredevil, the characters and their origins aren't widely known, compared to more popular comic book characters like Batman or Spider Man. The series manages to use the opportunity not only to introduce characters like Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and the Kingpin, but also use their interesting stories to get you excited about what's going on in the show itself.

In a way all the characters are relatable and identifiable to the audience. Matt Murdock is just a guy trying to do the right thing, even though he struggles with his task. Foggy Nelson is funny and well portrayed by Elden Henson. Karen Page seems to be afraid not only to be caught, but also afraid to let people die, making her internal dilemma one that reflects itself in an interesting way on the screen. The Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk is something I'd like to touch on later.

The action is spectacular

After seeing the TV-MA rating I was unsure of what to expect. Either amazing fight scenes with just the right amount of gory, or just full out gattling-gun intestine spray. I'm happy to say it's the first one. Not only is this show a superhero show and a crime drama, but it has all the gory details worked into it. Something queasy folks might have difficulties handling. Most action sequences are amazingly choreographed, making it feel like a real street fight, but also adding a certain graceful grit to not only Daredevil but also Kingpin and Nobu.

Of course there are moments where someones face is impaled on a spike and someone being beheaded by a car door, and that's something you have to have stomach for, other you're gonna have a bad time.

An amazing set of villains

This show is not short on really fleshed out villains. As Fisk's gang moves forward after the appearance of the masked man, we begin to know more about some of the villains, and some are kept mysteriously vague. We begin to see the past and relationship of the Russian brothers, who turn out to be a very intriguing duo. Fisk's BFF James Wesley is also a special guy. He's polite and fluent in many different languages, is very charming and charismatic, always seems to know what he's doing, and will do anything for his friend.

Finally Wilson Fisk.

As the show the progresses, we learn more and more about Fisk though vague mentioning in meetings. Then when we finally meet the character, he unfolds beautifully.

Early on in the show we get to know Fisk as a scared little boy who was bullied and abused by his father, and a socially awkward lover. You begin to feel almost empathetic. Then we begin to see his dark, calculating side. His anger built up by tragedy spurts out in mad blasts, sometimes throwing the whole story upside down. He is the fallen soul, who at first you felt sorry for, but then are disappointed by his darkness. Wilson Fisk is an amazing character and that's all I have to say about it.

The show is just really well done

All I can say is that if this show had been a different story, it still would've been awesome. The writing is terrific, the acting is terrific, the action is terrific, the lighting is terrific, the intrigue is terrific. This show is terrific.

Those are all the reasons I have, and all I have to say is that I loved all thirteen episodes and I can't wait for season two. If you're a binge watcher, this show should definitely be your next watch.


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