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Hey guys, another top ten list coming at you. Before I start I want to clarify that it is MY top ten, and I am in no way saying this is definitely the best, it's my opinion.

So, everyone loves Disney films right? We love the heroes, we often enjoy the villains, and we love the heroic sidekicks, but the group that are constantly overlooked is the villainous minions, who so often incompetently assist their evil masters in their (failed) schemes.

So I have compiled a top ten list of the best minions in Disney animated films. I've contained it to animated classic films, because let's face it, the scope of all Disney films is kind of insurmountably large at this point. By the way, I am not taking into account sequels or TV shows that came after these films, only the original films themselves.

10. The Evil Step Sisters (Cinderella)

This is the Mean Girls prequel right?
This is the Mean Girls prequel right?

Most definitely, the evil step sisters Drizella and Anastasia, are a perfect example of evil minions who epically fail in assisting the Antagonist with their schemes. Cinderella's step mother just wanted to keep Cinderella home during the ball, and these two minions of hers weren't even able to achieve that. I suppose it was their huge feet which really messed it all up in the end, but even so, they're a pair of hangers on to every word of the step mother, and are certainly deserving of a place on this list.

9. Fidget (The Great Mouse Detective)

Why am I on this list?
Why am I on this list?

Fidget was a main plot point in this film, "The one legged bat" was possibly the greatest nickname anyone on this list had. He actually wasn't too incompetent, considering that he was able to kidnap Mr Flaversham successfully at the beginning of the film, and then was able to do the same to his daughter Olivia right under Basil's nose. Quite successful actually, although the plan was still foiled in the end. Also let's face it, he must have been pretty dedicated to Ratigan if he was willing to dress up as a baby...

8. Mr Snoops (The Rescuers)

That's right! You!
That's right! You!

Mr Snoops gets a pretty bad rap. He has to live in a bayou with only the evil (and terrifying) Madame Medusa for company, as well as her two pet crocodiles and the little girl they kidnapped. He is tasked with finding a diamond by Madame Medusa, and delegates that to Penny, after kidnapping her. He pretty much doesn't do anything else right though, and seems only to be there for Medusa to shout at as her plans crumble around her. Let's face it, if you're working for a villain who is beaten by mice and an array of swamp creatures, you're not in the right line of work.

7. Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)

Sir Hiss is the evil henchman of Prince John (the phony king of England). In the film, Sir Hiss is pretty good at his job, he is able to sniff out the deceptions of Robin Hood and Little John, and is pretty much always able to tell Prince John about what is going on. It isn't his fault that John refuses to listen to him on occasion. His only faults are the occasional upsetting references to Prince John's mother (touchy) and that one time he got drunk in the middle of a fight.

6. Iago (Aladdin)

Iago is a truly great minion to Jafar. He often seems to get more upset when things go wrong than Jafar himself. He's a truly lovable character, as many evil sidekicks turn out to be. His constant frustration with things like crackers and having a conscience are brilliant to see on screen. He often even makes fun of Jafar, showing that in some ways they are closer to friends than Leader-Follower.

5. Mr Smee (Peter Pan)

That's for you losers below me!
That's for you losers below me!

Mr Smee is probably the character whose name is said the most in Peter Pan. Captain Hook is constantly screaming for him (especially when being chased by ticking reptiles). He is pretty much totally reliant on Mr Smee, and it is interesting to see that even at the end of the film Mr Smee rows off after Hook as he is chased away by the crocodile. That's true loyalty, and you wonder why Smee is so loyal to Hook, being abused by him quite constantly. Mr Smee goes so far as to wash Hook and nurse him back to health after he is torn up.

4. Jasper and Horace (101 Dalmatians)

Bravo! Bravo! You have to have some bravery to work for Cruella De Vil. I put that woman on my Ultimate Suicide Squad because she is so terrifying. These guys are heroes for being brave enough to come to work every day. Jasper and Horace are basically thieves, and are pretty good at it too, stealing ninety nine puppies in their time with Cruella (and those are just the ones we know of) and let's face it, it isn't easy stealing puppies. But these two make it look that way, and I salute them for it!

3. Pain and Panic

Pain and Panic are the evil henchmen of Hades, lord of the Underworld. Let's face it, he is literally a God, and they are his most faithful servants. That means they are pretty competent. They were able, using their powers of shapeshifting, to get into Mount Olympus and steal the newly born prince, right from under the noses of all the Greek Gods! How is that even possible? Because they are brilliant minions. Let's just forget that they weren't meant to steal him, and were only sent to make him mortal, which they never did. But they did mess up his life pretty well, and he didn't discover who he was for years, and lived his whole childhood as a social outcast. Well done guys, you are truly diabolical.

2. LeFou (Beauty and the Beast)

LeFou is the only minion on this list to be so dedicated to his villain that he will actually sing a song about him. He is truly devoted to Gaston (as well as maybe a little sexually attracted to him). He was also able to make a crowd of people certain that Belle's father Maurice was insane. That's some pretty sneaky scheming right there. LeFou is a really evil little guy, almost the perfect henchman, and there was only one who could beat him.

But before we get to that, there are a few honourable mentions that are deserved:

The Weasels (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad)

Mertle and her gang (Lilo and Stitch)

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (The Lion King)

King of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

Creeper (The Black Cauldron)

These were all truly brilliant characters. Some of them were actually, in a strange way, pretty good at their jobs. Some of them were not, but no-one was worse at his job than our amazing number one.

1. Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove)

Who has never spontaneously yelled this line out? I have, countless times. Kronk is the most lovable character in this film, and one of the most lovable in all of Disney History. Patrick Warburton brought him to life in a brilliantly comical way. His constant bumbling and love of spinach puffs makes everyone in my house laugh no matter how many times we have seen it before. He is certainly the only person on this list to get his own spin-off film, and he deserved it fully! He's a guy who really struggles with his inner demons... literally. I love this character, he always tries so hard at everything, and let's face it, he even has his own theme music.

Thanks for reading guys, and feel free to comment if you disagree, but once again this is just my opinion. Shout-out to my sister Becca, who came up with the idea for this article, and supports me a huge amount through the writing of The Comical Theory (the picture at the top was even done by her because I don't know how to do them).


Which minion is your favourite?


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