ByCharlie Ans, writer at

So I just binge watched Netflix’s Daredevil season one, and it was awesome. The first episode was so-so, but it gets much better fast, and is easy to get hooked. I’ve read a lot of the comics, and don’t get to picky if they don’t follow it exactly on the show as I recognize, it was created in the 1960’s and also they need to edit things for times sake. What I did want to discuss, was the costume overall. I liked Matt Murdock’s first costume that he wore for the majority of the series. It was simple black and, and made him look like a badass ninja. He definitely got injured a lot without the armor and would need to step it up, which he does by the end of the season.

I liked the new one, at the end, but I wish they had Matt Murdock give the costume maker more input, even if they showed a quick cut of him drawing something out, or just flat out telling him make it look like this use these colors .Mayebe have had him draw something out But then I remembered he’s supposed to be blind!

So I liked the new costume in the end, I didn’t love it, I felt it was bit to flashy and looked a little clunky. It’s hard for me to imagine him doing all the fight maneuvers in the new costume. Maybe in season 2 they will tweak it, and simplify it. It wasn’t horrible don’t get me wrong. What did everyone else think of the two costumes, any preferences? I’m just glad he wasn’t wearing a black and yellow unitard, like Murdock originally wore in his comic debut .


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