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Jerome Maida

During her life, Lorraine Ziff has accomplished much and been known as many things.

Mother. Wife. Actress. Business owner. Philanthropist. College graduate.

But she says one of her proudest accomplishments is being involved in the martial arts. Lorraine Ziff is currently a 3rd-degree Black Belt in the discipline of Tae Kwon Do.

"I got involved in martial arts over 20 years originally for self discipline, exercise and for strength", says Lorraine Ziff. "It's the same reason my husband Larry and I started our sons, Adam and Matthew, in martial arts, when they were just 5 years old."

"It taught discipline as well as respect of oneself and of others", she continues. "It helped for physical strength and it helped for mental strength."

" In addition to being an actor, I was a school social worker who worked with children and families", Lorraine Ziff adds. "I often suggested martial arts to enhance children's focus, guidance, direction and respect."

"All of these lessons are demonstrated in 'The Martial Arts Kid'", she concludes.

They are lessons that, as she says, she has imparted to her sons also.

Matthew Ziff is a Black Belt (as is brother Adam) as well and also has a role in "The Martial Arts Kid" as the movie's "bully", Bo Whitlaw. It is one of several films the mother-son pair have worked on together.

"The Martial Arts Kid" stars Jansen Panettiere as the titular "Kid", Robbie; Kathryn Newton as his love interest Rina and Matthew Ziff as Whitlaw, the boy who torments Robbie.

The film is headlined by martial arts/action-movie legends Cynthia Rothrock and Don "The Dragon" Wilson, who have starred in 75 films combined and who play Robbie's aunt and uncle in the film.


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