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"Harleen Quinzel" on the set of Suicide Squad
"Harleen Quinzel" on the set of Suicide Squad

Ever since the first cast photo of the Suicide Squad movie has released, many fans have backlashed the idea of Harley Quinn not looking like the iconic version of Harley Quinn that these fans have grown to love. Whether it's the iconic Jester suit, the nurse's uniform from Arkham Asylum, or the slightly less revealing outfit from Arkham City, Harley Quinn never did change her perky attitude. But once the New 52 comics came around, the term "Hardly Quinn" became even more popular when Quinn became her own independent woman, excluding the Joker from her life after his death but has never fully gotten over her former partner in crime. This obviously disappointed many fans of the character.

But I'm not here to talk about how much I like or dislike the costume choice for Margot Robbie (I actually kind of grew to like the look).

I want to bring the attention to another one of the costume changes that Margot Robbie dons for Harley.

Seems as if the only thing that's "gone right" with Quinn is the fact that Harleen Quinzel looks.... normal. There's no special way that Quinzel looks; she actually looks semi-professional (mostly because she shows a bit of cleavage).

And there we have Jared Leto's Joker, whom may I add, does have the infamous tattoos that were shown in the 75th anniversary photo released in honor of Batman. Now does he look the part? Close, in my opinion. This is an entirely new Joker that I haven't seen so I am SUPER curious to see as to how Leto's performance of the Joker will be.

These set photos were released the same time as the onset footage were (videos were uploaded on YouTube but were soon taken down by Warner Bros Entertainment so go figure), and from what I can tell you from what I have seen from the videos, it seems as if they're taking a look into Quinn's past before she became the crazy we knew her for so that may be a possibility on why the Joker is involved in the Suicide Squad movie.

Different photos taken on set by unanonymous person
Different photos taken on set by unanonymous person

WARNING: If you do not want to read what happens in this scene, continue after the below set photos.

The scene shows Harley standing in front of the Joker's convertible, yelling at him to get out of the car. He calmly gets out and stands in front of Harleen. You can't hear the dialogue occurring between the both of them but not too long after, Harleen seemingly points her gun at the Joker but in reality, shoots a distressed man who was coming up behind the Joker with what appears to be a crowbar. After shooting the man dead, the Joker continues to look and talk to Quinzel without ever looking behind him, eventually taking her hand and pointing the gun to his head. A few seconds after, she drops the gun and embraces him for a smooch, which the Joker avoids as he take a step back from her embrace. More words are exchanged before the Joker strikes Harley across her face and she falls over as he walks back to the convertible. Quinzel sits up and looks at him as he says his final words. Quinzel gets up and walks to the passenger side of the seat. End scene.

Either way, I'm curious about what this movie is about and who else they will involve. Just hope that Warner Bros does not disappoint me, especially with award winners like Robbie and Leto involved!

What are your guys thoughts? If you read the scene, what do you think the Joker is discussing to Quinzel about? Is this a scene purely from her past or a current thing?

Feel free to leave your comments and opinions.


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