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After what seems like an endless wait, Eli Roth and general horror fans can finally rejoice because The Green Inferno has FINALLY received a release date of September 25th, 2015.

Originally set to release on September 5th of last year, The Green Inferno was pulled from the slate due to the film's financier, Worldview Entertainment, refusing to honor the distribution agreement championed by former CEO Christopher Woodrow.

Picking up the slack is BH Tilt, a newer filmhouse flying under the Blumhouse Productions banner. BH Tilt specializes in films made for multi-platform release (they will be releasing the Duplass Brothers' Creep on iTunes on June 23rd and Netflix on July 14th).

Eli Roth on set of The Green Inferno
Eli Roth on set of The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is the first Roth-directed feature in the better part of a decade, 2007's Hostel II being his last. The film follows a group of young American activists (think Greenpeace) whose plane crashes on their way to the Amazon to help save an ancient tribe of natives. After being saved by the same natives, they quickly discover the natives see the activists less as saviors, and more as dinner.

This film promises to be a real treat for both the gore hound (like yours truly) and the basic genre fan alike.

Look for The Green Inferno to be released on 1,000 screens on September 25th, 2015!


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