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Tomorrow is the premiere of season 6a of Pretty Little Liars. Are you on the edge of your seats like we are? Season 5 left us with uncertainty, and even more questioning. What are we to make of all of this ‘Charles’ business? Who is Charles? Why is he torturing the liars? There are so many questions that are left unanswered, but I. Marlene King promises that this summer is the ‘Summer of Answers.’ This gives us hope that all of our questions will be answers by the end of 6a.

We aren’t sure what answers will be revealed tomorrow, but the entire PLL cast is handing out clues from left and right. Sasha Pieterse handed out many clues in a recent interview with Alloy Entertainment. She revealed answers about Alison’s adjustment after she is released from prison, and talks much about the redemptive and vulnerable state that we will see. She also reveals the real question of what really happened the night that Ali disappeared, and confirms that answers will be revealed.

“The real question that remains now is what happened to Bethany [Young]. Why was she even there in the first place and why was she wearing the same yellow shirt as Alison? All these loose ends are being tied together — Marlene [King] wasn’t kidding when she said this is the summer of answers. She truly given away so much information — not just on our show but on social media, too — and is going to reveal even more in Season 6; she’s so invested in the fans as much as they are in our show, and this is so important. So much goes down…you have no idea! You witness a lot of changes and see how the girls deal with all of them. There are lots of twists, and the show gets really dark at certain points. “

Pieterse wasn’t kidding about King revealing huge hints and clues.

Patsy Cline. Huge PLL CLUE!— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

Lucy Hale Reveals A Major "PLL" Season 6 Bombshell via @seventeen— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) May 20, 2015

She also revealed some dialogue teasers from 6x01

"But something about him felt familiar." - Spencer— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

"How long can a person live without food." - Hanna— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

"I'd ask if you guys are okay, but - " -- Emily — I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

"Say goodbye to your soul." -- Aria — I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

"I know I'm the one you really want." -- Alison — I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 1, 2015

Also, a list of episode titles have been released for 6a. Check them out below:


01. Game On, Charles | I. Marlene King | JUNE 2nd

02. Songs Of Innocence | Joseph Dougherty | JUNE 9th

03. Songs Of Experience | Joseph Dougherty | JUNE 16th

04. Don’t Look Now | Jonell Lennon | JUNE 23rd

05. She’s No Angel | Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith | JUNE 30th

06. No Stone Unturned | Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith | JULY 14th

07. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou | Lijah Barasz | JULY 21st

08. FrAmed | Bryan Holdman | JULY 28th

09. TBA | Oliver Goldstick | AUGUST 4th

10. Game Over, Charles | I. Marlene King | AUGUST 11th

There have been so many clues, and some answers revealed. Tomorrow, June 2, we finally begin to get some answers to our burning questions. What are you last minute theories of who Charles could be? Is Charles really A? Who is Uber A? We some of our own, but those are for another day. As for now, we wait for the season 6 premiere.

Let us know all of your burning PLL questions that hope are answered this season in the comments below.


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