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Rob Taylor

[Post Credits - Episode 13]

(Camera cuts to a dark corner of Hell's Kitchen, rain has been pouring down in sheets but is finally easing. We see a man in his 40's through a window of a small security office, he's a salty looking, overweight guy. He changes channel to the news and we hear about a the suicide of a suspected Hydra agent the previous day and a picture of Jasper Sitwell appears on the TV and then the mans own picture flickers on the screen with the words Rape Charges Dropped..)

Guy: (laughs) Some Nazi drone gets my headline...HYDRA? Avengers? call me when they hit Hell's Kitchen...

(Suddenly headlights stream in through the window, filling the room with blinding light. The vehicle is clearly large and the guy clearly annoyed, he stands up but makes sure to grab the gun on the table and put it behind his he exits the office he sees a big PENSKE truck but no driver...)

Guy: You took a wrong turn asshole... No deliveries to this entrance, now get the hell outta here before I...

(The lights dim for a moment, and the man struggles to adjust to the darkness...)

Voice: ... I'm collecting.

(From behind there is a "thunk" and the camera cuts to a view from under the truck..we see a pair of boots and a hand picks up the gun that has clattered to the ground and then dragging the stunned man to the rear and hear the sound of him being hurled into the truck.)

Man: (Groggily he looks up and around) You're crazy, you expect me to...?

(The camera cuts over the shoulder of the assailant and we see cuffs linked to chains fixed to the back wall... The walls appear to be soundproofed... the whole back of the truck appears to be a mobile torture chamber. In fear of what he is seeing, the man chains himself, despite there being "weapons", he knows he his beaten...the camera cuts back to the fear on the mans face and then to what he is seeing, a black skull T-shirt and as the camera pulls back and we see Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) holding a lit blowtorch...)

Man: What do you want from me? To say I did it? Sure, I did it... is THAT WHAT YOU WANT? COME ONE WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT? GO TO HELL! (Screaming)

Castle: Hell?...don't wear a mask, not the Devil... soon enough, I'll be sending him home for killing those cops... but you... you're gonna burn right here in Hell's Kitchen...slowly...

(The door slams and we hear muffled screams as the camera fades....)


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