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Hey guys, in case you don't know spanish that well, the title of this article says (Post credits scene for Breaking Bad). If you haven't watched Breaking Bad, a lot of episodes are written in spanish.

I also should point out this post does contain spoilers for Breaking Bad. So if you don't want to be mad at me for spoiling the show for you.


The King on his throne

So my post credits scene for this iconic show is mostly surrounding Jesse Pinkmam. The last shot of Jesse is him driving away from Jack's hideout happy and upset leaving Walt to die.

Jesse leaves, but we don't know what happens to him. This is my idea.

Scene starts in a car.

Jesse drives along a highway for a long time. He then parks his car outside Ed's. He is the guy that helped Walt get a new life. Jesse walks in the shop. He sees Ed.

Jesse: Hey, you the guy?
Ed: Yeah Pinkman, you ready for this?
Jesse : Yo, don't you think I know what I am doing, let's get going!

Ed: Clearly you don't, that is why he left you instructions.

Jesse: Wait, Mr White gave you something for me?
Jesse looking at him like

Jesse: That is impossible, you lying old man, he wouldn't do that for me!

Ed : Son, he left me the task of delivering his money to his family, so I looked in the box and I saw this.

Ed hands Jesse a box. Jesse looks at it and says

Jesse: Son of a bitch, he didn't.

Jesse runs to his car and drives away to an airport. His destination is Alaska. He gets off and reads the message Walt wrote him. It says " Find my house, and live how you wanted to." He finds the cabin Walt was living in before he came back to Albaquerque. Jesse walks in.

Jesse: Not exactly a mansion.

He looks around and sees a videotape. He plays it. It is Walt. He tells Jesse to open up the fireplace top to find his new life. Jesse starts crying. Walt tells him with great emotion that he did what was necessary and apologizes for the death of his girlfriend. It ends with Walt saying ," So long partner."

Jesse: He always has something to say.

Jesse walks over to the fireplace and finds 50,000 dollars, a new identity, clothes and keys to a car. Jesse screams at the top of his lungs and puts all the supplies in the car. He drives away and the theme music plays in the background.

That is what I think should have happened. Everything would be tied up. Jesse lives free and in peace. If you think my idea is cool or could have worked for the show.

So comment below about what you think. Thanks for reading everyone.


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