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Deanna Eichelberger

Everyone was really excited when Avengers: Age of Ultron end credit scene was set to be released because they were expecting a cameo from our friendly neighborhood wall- crawler, but instead got something altogether different and surprising. Here's what I thought should have happened.

The Beginning

Starts off with a black screen but you hear someone talking to someone else.

A man: Are you serious man I just can't believe you tried to rob the same place again! I mean, COME ON!
muffled protests
A man: Nope, Nope, Nope! Don't try that with me.

The screen shows a guy hanging upside from a lamp post with The Rhino suit off to the side. Then the camera goes to a ledge by the lamp post and you see Spider-man sitting on the ledge.

Spider-man: So, um great talk but I believe that I gotta go. Places to be, people to talk to. But really... great talk.
The Rhino: muffled yelling
Spider-man: I love you too. BYE, BYE!

The camera switches over to cops pulling up to the lamp post and surrounding it.

Spider-man: Well, that was fun, but I really hope I'm not late.

The camera switches over to Spider-man swinging across the city and landing at Avengers tower.

Spider-man: This place is sweeeeetttt! (Pause) But where is everybody?

Spider-man starts looking around the place and starts picking up random stuff like a alien blaster, iron man's old battery, and a hologram of design specs for the new avenger's base. He looks down and sees Tony's suits and continues looking around seeing the lab and a bunch of pictures of infinity stones on the board. Some are crossed off, others are circled.

Spider-man: Should I yell?
Tony Stark: No need.

Spider-man swings around to see Tony Stark.

Spider-man: Oh my gosh your your your....
Tony Stark: Yeah. I see you got my invite.
Spider-man: Most definitely. But I gotta ask why do you need my help all the sudden?
Tony Stark: I, We need someone outside the team for a job
Spider-man: Okkkk????

Tony Stark walks over to a computer.

Tony Stark: We need to find these.
Spider-man: Are those?
Tony Stark: Yep, Infinity stones.
Spider-man: Why me? I gotta ask.
Tony Stark: We're down a couple people. So we needed some extra hands.
Spider-man: When do I start!?
Tony Stark: You just did.

The screen then fades to black.

The End


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