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I love superheroes, I have practically my whole life. I love the classics from both MARVEL and DC, Spiderman, HULK, Superman, Batman. It k
Ty Johnson Jorelle

After Ultron was destroyed, some of the Avengers went their separate ways, while new Avengers assembled for training. In this post credit scene, a conversation was taking place mapping their plans.

"I take that everything went according to plan?"

"Yes, it was easy acquiring them. I still have the Captain and the new Avengers to gather as well."

"No one suspects?"


"So, how will you acquire Captain America?"

Iron Man - "I will create a distraction, when his guard is down, and we'll take him."

"Like the Ultron affair?"

Iron Man - "Yes."


Iron Man - "...What of Thanos? He is coming for the Infinity Stone."

"Let him come, as far as he knows, he believes everyone on earth are humans. When his collection is complete, we'll take the Gauntlet from him without him being the wiser. Then, we can complete our invasion!"

Iron Man - "Very good my lord."

"Finally...we will have everything we have worked for...the Age of the SKRULLS begins!!!


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