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With the release of Marvel's long-awaited Ant Man film looming in just a little over a month here are a few things we'd like to see in the upcoming film.

1. Witty banter by Paul Rudd and co.

With the increasing success of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), viewers should look for Marvel to continue its pattern of one-liners and funny banter to win it's audiences over. But with the inclusion of Paul Rudd viewers should expect the humor to be a little more mature as an extension of Paul Rudd's style. This particular franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already looks to take on a slightly lighter tone. So don't be surprised if Rudd slides a few sex jokes or one-liners that wouldn't normally be expected in a Marvel film.

Also co-stars Michael Douglas and Michael Pena' are no strangers to comedy either so expect some comedic relief to balance out some of the serious parts of the film. And just admit it right now, we all love Paul Rudd's humor and his addition to the MCU will be hysterical.

2. Action, Action, and more action

Yes this will be one of the more comedic films in Marvel's arsenal but that will not take away from the spectacular visuals that Ant-Man's stories provide. Be prepared for some great camera tricks prepared by Director Peyton Reed. As well as some sick combat sequences to keep the fan boys happy.

We all look forward to the scenes where Scott Lang first learns of the capabilities of the suit and if this leaked footage carries just a fraction of the action of the film we should all be thrilled for what's to come.

3. A Bad Ass Yellow Jacket

According to Yellow jacket actor Corey Stoll, the yellowjacket suit will be more militaristic than its Ant Man counterpart. So there should be a lot of destruction and explosions (albeit small) caused by Stoll's character and creator of the suit Darren Cross. Obviously this is slightly different than the comic books in which the yellow jacket suit was created by Hank Pym as was the Ant Man suit. But despite the variation from the original source material, Stoll's performance as yellow jacket should make us forget all about it.

According to Stoll the suit will be created solely to defeat the Ant Man suit and will be armored and advanced. And also has those bad ass Doc Oc inspired tentacles as seen and described in the trailer below.

4. A cameo by one of earth's mightiest heroes

Marvels Age of Ultron 2015
Marvels Age of Ultron 2015

With Civil War lurking, we all know and expect for one of Marvel's established heroes to be in this film to give it a little more weight, but which hero will we get?

Well, firstly we probably won't see them until an end credit scene so viewers aren't distracted from the initial plot of the film.

Secondly, I think we can scratch Thor, Bruce Banner/Hulk, and the two newcomers (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) off of the list. This simply isn't the place for them. And given the fact that RDJ only has a few films GUARENTEED on his marvel contract left (Civil War, and Infinity War 1 & 2) he probably won't be swooping down in this either.

That leaves Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson, Captain America/Chris Evans, Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner, and the avengers recruiter himself Nick Fury/Samuel L Jackson.

You cant put my vote on either Captain America considering the premise of Civil War or alternative recruiter Black Widow as the avenger we will see in Ant Man.

And the final thing we want to see in Ant Man...

5. Stan Lee

We know that its a guarantee that we will see Marvel God, Stan Lee make his usual cameo in this sure to be Marvel blockbuster. But after his hilarious cameo in Age of Ultron, fans will be salivating waiting for his next cameo in Ant Man. And we know that Stan is particularly happy that this specific hero got a film adaptation and will enter the MCU so prepare for something special. Here are his cameos so far...


What are you most looking forward to in Ant Man?


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