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San Andreas, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, depicts a scenario in which the San Andreas fault creates the largest earthquake ever in history, leveling San Francisco.

This movie is shakier than the raver kids at Coachella!

This movie is shakier than Michael J. Fox riding in a broken shopping cart!

This movie is shakier than a Starbucks coffee! Seriously, people, it's a caffeinated milkshake! Stop lying to us, Starbucks! I can literally get the same effect mixing Redbull and Yoohoo!

Maybe if Giamatti and Johnson had switched roles, we'd have had a full course instead of eye candy for disaster buffs. ---Burl Burlingame

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Ok. Let's start with the thought that this movie would be better had it not been so fixated on looking good. It's a disaster action film starring The Rock. The whole purpose is to mindlessly entertain and show us what computer imaging can do now. I really don't know why anyone would search for more substance. Although Giamatti is a fantastic actor, you're gonna have a hard time getting me to believe that he can get a pontoon boat safely over the crest of a tsunami or tandem skydive from a crashing plane. We would be curious, though, to see what would happen if these actors had ever switched roles.

pictures needed

Run! Run for your lives! Get out of this theater now! Two hours is a terrible thing to waste! ---Jeff Baker Portland Oregonian

No! Do not run out of the theater! It is dangerous and there are cars. Please exit the building safely and calmly. Remember, it's just a movie. But, if you get hit by a car running like a crazy person out of a theater just because you didn't like it, you're not wasting two're dead.

Here's the review we liked the most.

San Andreas' whirlwind of action and devotion to the disaster movie playbook will satisfy those looking for a loud, effects-filled ride. Those inspecting it any closer will find a cookie cutter studio blockbuster which stretches disbelief to its limits. ---James Luxford CineVue

This movie is a Hollywood, Blockbuster, special effects, disaster movie. It's a typical story with mediocre acting, and it's about as believable as a Kanye West apology. If you expect a lot from it you will be sorely disappointed.

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