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I felt like there should have been a post credit scene, after the Thanos scene. Something that lead to Civil War. So here is my opinion on how a post credit scene could have went. Now I'm not sure are there issues with rights between some of these characters or if the Civil War Movie will play out this way, but it would've still been really cool to have seen a post credit scene like this play out.

To set the scene, there's a family watching television. The camera zooms and focuses onto the television to a CNN newsroom. With the news anchor saying:

"and back to the main headlines, thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets to thank the Avengers for defeating the Artificial Intelligence known as Ultron, with many of these people paying tribute to Pietro Maximoff the only Avenger to have perished in what is being called the "Battle of Sokovia". In celebration of this victory President Ellis has declared today Avengers day.

but with these supporters of the Avengers also come radical groups showing negativity towards the heroes. We spoke to some of these people on the streets of Manhattan today:

the newsroom cuts to an interview with the leader of one of these groups showing hatred to the avengers, behind this person there are groups of people holding placards and posters with Tony Stark saying "HERO OR VILLAIN" we now hear the person being interviewed saying:

"I don't understand how people can be celebrating what these "superheroes" have done? I mean Tony Stark created this thing? They were only cleaning up his own mess that he'd created? I don't understand what people are celebrating about? These vigilantes are working outside of the law? The majority of them think they're better than the law? These superheroes must be made accountable for their actions and it's only when these superhuman individuals do something irrevesible and catastrophic that the public will see what we're talking about"

Cuts back to the studio with the anchor saying:

"Coming up, more on the battle of sokovia, Pietro Maximoffs funeral and who the heck is the Vision? these and more after these messages.

An advert comes up for the New Warriors Reality TV Show and we see Speedball giving a sneak peek to next weeks episode.

"In tonights episode of New Warriors we take down an underground drug dealing gang on the east coast! and this week the New Warriors will be filming in Connecticut, so keep an eye out people in STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT....

the camera zooms in on Speedballs face

this will be something you won't want to miss!"

Cut to black.

I just thought this would be some cool foreshadowing to the whole explosion in Stamford thing, this is my first article so don't be too harsh XD


What Did You Think Of This Idea For A Post Credit Scene?


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