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There is no doubt that Marvel, Warner Bros, and Fox have given us our favorite villains to the best of our liking. We have seen the charming Ultron, the cunning Loki, the genuine General Zod, and the profound Magneto; just few of my favorite cinematic villains. Next year, we will witness new villains such Lex Luthor from [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and making his debut, Apocalypse from X-men: Apocalypse. I am hyped up for both, but Apocalypse is someone everyone should keep their expectations low for because he is the villain that will overwhelm...In a good way of course.

1. Oscar Isaac --> En Sabah Nur

  • He is a fantastic actor many people have not heard about it. I mean really, I first saw him in Inside Ilweyn Davis in which he played a New York City folk singer. Oscar won critical acclaim and numerous awards for his outstanding breakthrough performance. In his recent work, he also played a genius CEO who also invents A.I.. He is an eccentric antagonist that is difficult to hate. Overall he put on a phenomenal performance.
  • What does this mean for Apocalypse? Well, not only do we witness a wonderful actor playing this behemoth villain, but we also get a hint of his take on Apocalypse:

“I’ve been reading the script a lot and trying to come at — for me — an interesting angle...definitely focusing on the fact [that his character] is the embodiment of the second coming of the judgments of God and that energy going in. We’re playing with that.

This right here..
This right here..

2. Powers/Abilities

I'm going to try and shorten this as much as possible:

  • Super-Strength: Near infinite
  • Shape Shifting: Manipulate the atoms in his body
  • Energy Blasts: Unlimited supply
  • Telepathy and Telekinesis: Professor X + Magneto (sort of)
  • Flight and super-speed: Mach 8
  • Genius Intellect: Years of Experience
  • Tactical Genius: Years of Experience
  • Indomitable Will: Resilient to psychic attacks

But what does all this mean? Well, the fact that he is basically depicted as God clearly shows us that the X-men will have to coordinate their attacks together, and there won't be an X-man saving the day; it will require everyone. However, I do believe Bryan Singer will level down Apocalypse's powers, just for movies sake. He will make on tough foe.

3. Personality

  • This is kind of tied with Oscar Isaac's comment, but we are expecting a God-like personality from Apocalypse. So a mix of Judge Dredd, the Punisher, and Magneto. Apocalypse believes that humans are weak and only the strong shall not only survive but thrive. So he will want to exterminate weak humans and weak mutants. He has been described as a "Mutant Supremacist".
  • Not only that, but Apocalypse is sort of like a father. In many instances, he has forgave those who defied him, and praised them for showing strength and courage...of course there is that warning "Don't ever do that again". It is a villain like this; manipulative, patient, genocidal, and dangerous that makes him a complex and worthy adversary.

4. Horsemen (get it? 4 Horsemen...Ha)

  • Just another part of what makes Apocalypse God-like is that fact that he has Four Horsemen by his side. Unlike other villains who have armies (Chitauri, Sentinels, Ultron-bots, and Frost Giants), Apocalypse has four powerful mutants/humans, each representing an aspect of misery.

There is:

  • Famine: Ahab, Autumn, and Rose
  • Pestilence: Caliban, Plague, Polaris
  • War: Deathbird, Gazer, Hulk, and Abraham
  • Death: Archangel, Caliban, Gambit, and Wolverine

It might not even be that any of the mutants listed up there will be his horsemen (other than Caliban, which I'm betting on), but we will still see powerful riders.

5. Introduction of Mr. Sinister

  • Now this might be a stretch, but it's a likely and worthy stretch. Mr. Sinister is an artificial mutant created by Apocalypse in the 1800s. Mr. Sinister was originally a doctor, geneticist specifically, who was picked by Apocalypse and mutated to become immortal by altering his body at a cellular level like his creator.
  • Mr. Sinister is known for being downright evil and experimenting with other mutants. However, he has stood up against Apocalypse once by creating a techno-organic virus to weaken him by which Apocalypse praised him for. Overall, it would be interesting to see Mr. Sinister introduced through Apocalypse as a Horsemen or justas an alias.
"Like a Boss"
"Like a Boss"


What do you think? What do you like about Apocalypse? What are you looking forward to?


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