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As my profile says I`m a gamer for life. I`ve played games on every generation of console since the Atari days. My all time favorite series of games has to be Final Fantasy. Hence why I`m writing this little article.

I recently played Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. Which is basically a demo of the next numbered Final Fantasy game. As any fan of the series knows if its a numbered Final Fantasy or FF game then its main series one. And as all gamer`s know if its a demo then it`s probably not going to be all that great. However Final Fantasy Fifteen Episode Duscae was worth it to many fans who have been waiting patiently for the release of the full game. I myself know quite a few people who bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD just so that they could get their hands on this demo. In fact that`s how I got my hands on it. However unlike the other FF fans that I know I bought Type-0 simply so that I could play Type-0.

You might be expecting me to talk about why the games are called Final Fantasy, but that is not what this little article, my first article is about. This about the perceptions of those who claim to be Final Fantasy fans. I myself once held the same perceptions as most fans. I started playing Final Fantasy shortly after the release of Final Fantasy VIII and the release of the PS One. My first FF game was FF VII Platinum edition, so I got quite used to turn based combat in Final Fantasy and Role Play Games/RPG`s in general as a lot of FF fans have. I how ever consider myself to be a True Gamer for lack of a better term. Not that I believe myself to be better than anyone else who plays games. I just believe that I am a true gamer because I play for the games and not the consoles or hardware that is used to play them.

Now my point is simple, I have heard fans of the Final Fantasy Series complain that its not a real FF game if its not turn based, or that its not a true FF game if its not full of magic and swords. As a lover of all things fantasy I can agree that magic in a fantasy game is a fun thing, but not every fantasy game needs magic in order to work or be good. To be technical and picky about it, all that a game or movie requires to make it a fantasy one is something that simply can not or does not exist our reality or world. An example would be a game that is based in a Medieval Europe that is ravaged by dragons. That would be Fantasy. Even a modern world with dragons in it is fantasy.

I have also heard fans say that its not a true FF game unless it has an open world that you can explore. That is one that I bot agree with and disagree with at the same time. Take Final Fantasy VII for example, its got magic, an open world to explore, and an interesting story. Now take FF XIII, its got magic, and a massive world to explore but for me its not a true FF game because it was very linear. You spend half your time wandering down corridors or paths that lead you to a place that the game wants you to go to. Has it got a good story? I wouldnt know I have never completed it and have no intention of completing it either. I played FF XIII back when it first came out and after hours of playing it I had only just completed the most boring introduction to a game I have ever had the misfortune of playing. For me it is not a true FF game unless it has a good story that draws you in and keeps you there.

When I played FFXV Episode Duscae I found myself in an open world with hints of magic and fantasy combined with modern and even futuristic technology. Episode Duscae reeled me in with the smallest of stories and gave me a set goal to accomplish, putting me on a linear path from point A to point B but allowed me to take my time with it and explore the beautifully designed open world that it was set in. If FFXV is going to truly be like that then I am excited to play it. But does it fall into what a lot of fans call a true FF game? Not really in my opinion, it has two out of the three things that most fans have said makes a true FF game. It has a good story if the hints are to be trusted, and it has a massively open world for you to enjoy.

But what do you think?


Is Final Fantasy XV going to be a true Final Fantasy game?


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