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Josh Goldenberg

So, there was a contest out about who can make the best Suicide Squad out of villains from any universe, I may be late to be in the contest, but here is my team because why not!



Why should not even bother asking! Deadpool is unpredictable, violent, and has a super healing factor, perfect for "suicide" missions! Oh...and not to mention he is insane!



What kind of team can function without someone (or something) that can track an enemy? Predator is the perfect fit for such a role, stealthy and deadly!



Not only is he one of my favorite super villains...but he is, like Deadpool, a maniacal killer, a deadly asset to the team that can really "tear up" the enemy!



every good team needs a tank...WHY NOT DOOMSDAY!? He is powerful and has even killed Superman! Enough Said!!!

Got any comments on this line up? PLEASE LEAVE THEM BELLOW!


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