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What we were left with

A lot of the time, season finales leave us with major cliffhangers, even more so than the movies that are angling for a sequel it's to build the tension, leaving us with months to wait before we find out what is going to happen. When we left off with the Once Upon a Time group, they were watching as Emma got swept into the darkness, presumably to become The Dark One, leaving the dagger behind. While that is a big teaser itself, I feel like they could have gone with a post credit scene to take the tension one step further.

We open on

Hook, Regina, Mary Margaret, David and Robin Hood are all in Granny's diner. It has been a week since Emma had disappeared and they are looking strained, having done as much research as they could, trying to figure out where Emma had gone off to. Hook was beginning to look more than a little irritated as he began to speak.

"We need to bloody well do something, we can't just sit here while she rots in God knows where." His good hand went through his hair, as he paced back and forth, grabbing his flask from the inside pocket of his jacket.

"We could see if we could get ahold of Ariel, she might be willing to help us." Mary Margaret said, a strained look on her face, clearly trying to keep calm.

"Oh, well I am sure that Hook used up all of his favors with that one, especially with him almost being the reason that her husband was gone." Regina couldn't keep the sarcasm out of her voice as she folded her hands across her chest.

"Yes, but if it wasn't for your dark heart, and Emma's good one then you would be gone and she could be living her happy ending with you gone. Maybe even throw a party." Hook couldn't keep the wry smile off of his face at the thought, it was a much better option to him.

Robin stepped forward, as though he were going to hit Hook. "You go too far with that mate."

Mary Margaret stepped between both of them, placing a hand on both of their chests. "Look, we all want Emma back, but turning on each other is not going to solve anything, and it isn't what she would want. We have to think calmly and rationally about this."

The two men were still staring daggers at each other when Leroy came running in.

"It's here! It's here!"

They had no idea what was going on, but knowing Leroy it was a good bet to just follow him whenever this happened. They went running outside, where the sky that had just moments before been sky blue and clear had suddenly turned dark, and lightning flashed in the distance. A cloud descended, not unlike the one that had taken Emma away in the first place, swirling dark blue and black. They all started walking toward it slowly, not sure what to expect.

The cloud slowly dissipated, and out of it stepped Emma. Her hair was changed, darker and a little more wild. Her outfit was a mess, as though she had been through a great and terrible battle and her eyes shown pure murder.

She smiled a darkly sweet smile as she took a step towards them.

"Hello everyone," she said in a tone very unlike her own. "I want my dagger."



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