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Captain America has just been Murdered and the credits begin to roll. Thus begins the Mid-Credits scene. A man to his back is seen leaning over something. His face or the thing he is looking at are not shown.

Cap's Voice - Finish It. Because i'm with you till the End of the Line.

Bucky is shown looking over Captain's Battered and Damaged Shield. He holds it with his Robotic Arm and straps it to his back becoming the Next Captain America. Whaaaaatttttt!

Credits begin to Roll. Then the Post credits start. Then you see Tony Stark. Embarrassed by the lost of Steve Rogers recieving an SOS signal from space. Thus putting on his Space Suit. Who would call Tony Stark into space at this time of night. The message says "SOS - J'Son of Spartax". Who is J'Son of Spartax?...

None other than Star Lord's Dad.

Remember in Age of Ultron when Tony Stark said he knew Ulysses Klaw back in the day for black market stuff. Well, this got me thinking Tony was like in his late 30's. He has owned Stark Industries since he was 16 years old. This could put him in a position to talk to a lot of clients around the world... or any other world. So i'm thinking what if Star Lord's dad came to earth when he... uh... concieved Peter Quill. Came back on one special occasion, met Tony and saw that he made lethal Weapons that could kill millions he had to send the Ravagers to take Quill to a special place with him. The SOS message could've been sent out years ago to stark but is barely being recieved because of the distance. Stark already feeling really bad about the loss of an american hero can only make stark want to help find this boy. So, he goes out to space to find this boy andeventually meet the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Or you know maybe maybe the guys could go out for Swarma again.

What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments.


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