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I loved Marvel's AVENGERS: Age Of Ultron, however, I was a bit disappointed they there was no post-credits scene teasing Spider-Man joining the cinematic universe. However, we have not seen 'Ant-Man' yet, and it would be awesome if they teased the web-slinger in the credits!

My dream post-credits scene starts with a newspaper from THE DAILY BUGLE with a front-cover of Ant-Man saving the day. The front-page article is titled 'ANT-MAN in San Francisco: Thief Or Hero?'. The paper lies on the table next to newspapers with front cover articles of the Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, etc.

We hear an grouchy voice yell "He's not just a thief! HE'S A MENACE!" as a fist slams down on the table in anger! The camera pans up and reveals J.K SIMMONS as J. JONAH JAMESON:

And he looks to the right of the camera and yells "PARKER! GET IN HERE!"

Then we cut to black.

That is all we need! We know that Parker is out there and he is interning for the daily bugle. In addition, we have J.K Simmons back as J. Jonah Jameson because nobody can play that role except him.

You don't need to see Parker yet, that is even a better tease. I hope Marvel is listening! :)


Would you like to see a tease to Spider-Man in the ANT-MAN post-credits scene?


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