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I love art, my faves are film and comics. Read about it.

So I dig sci-fi. I love how it hinges on to a possibility, explores it and then pushes it way beyond the limits. I am that movie-goer who will faithfully purchase the Terminator 15 ticket off of nostalgia from the original Terminator alone. Yup, I'm the one you love to hate, but end up debating at the cookout your significant other made you attend.

Even knowing that I have a love for sci-fi film doesn't mean that I enjoy all sci-fi. I can never forget the physical pain I felt while enduring Virus. I get that sci-fi leaves room for the imagination to run wild, but that film was a Tasmanian devil on reel. The director that shot that film ought to have it mounted on his mantle. Needless to say, it wasn't wild in a good way. It was a wild in a "eat -your -time- for- dinner" kind of wild. All that was left was the bloody carcass of my Timex.

Enter Sons Of God , a web series created by indie director Leonardo Sanderson.

Sons of God is a science-fiction fantasy film that takes place modern day. A chosen 7 battle Lucifer himself as the fate of the earth hangs in the balance. Okay, I've had my fair share of "earth hanging in the balance films" but what made the premise of the Sons Of God web series cool is that plenty of my favorite mythological creatures reside right one series. This is a divine treat for people who regularly overdose on sci-fi. Vamps, werewolves, Greek gods, and even a nod to my favorite Asgardian boo Thor are included in this web series. It's like Once Upon a Time, with a sci-fi swag that Sanderson pulls off easily. It doesn't hurt that he has harnessed the help of artistic power house A.K. Lovelace of Stand Alone Productions, a seasoned artist of graphic novels. Lovelace has inked for Marvel and created his own comic City Of Walls which has been presented at Comic-Con. Lovelace will be completing illustrations to supplement the series. This alone leads me to believe Sons Of God is worth paying attention to.

While I have only seen a few scenes, I think the teaser will definitely do the talking once it comes out. I give kudos to a director that gives us sci-fi fans what we are looking for: a work that leaves fans full of excitement, yet hungry for more.

Sons Of God is set to premier Sunday, September 13th @ 7pm. You can tune in by visiting the website


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