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This is the first post I've written in awhile, but I'm back to it and every month I'll write about which movie I thought was the best of that specific month.

May has just ended, meaning the first month of the Summer movie season is over with. May started off with a bang as Avengers: Age of Ultron took the number one spot of the year on top of the Box Office charts. Reviews were decent for the film but it lacked the magic of the first Avengers. Tomorrowland looked promising and I was really looking forward to seeing it. The first half of the film really grabbed me but in the end it lost steam and began to tumble with its story. Now what movie was the best of the month of May you ask? My choice could either be because I'm a man and a great action film will take precedence over say an Oscar nominated film, or it could be because of nostalgic reasons and the original trilogy with the title character back in a new story really got my engine running.

Mad Max: Fury Road is my choice for the best film of May; which is not just a critically praised film but a mind blowing, hold on to your seat thrill ride that begs you to keep your eyes glued to the screen up until the very end.

At first the thought of someone else taking over for Mel Gibson was blasphemous; but as soon as I heard the gritty voice of Tom Hardy as Max in the first scene of the film, staring out over a desolate desert while he crunched on a two-headed lizard I was sold. The cars, the characters, everything from the guitar playing maniac playing the battle song for the gang of painted warriors while chasing Furiosa (Charlize Theron) through a wasteland to the symphony of explosions that riddled the sandy highway was mesmorizing.

It's not the characters on screen or the stars who play them that carry this film, but the direction of George Miller that stole the show. It took twelve years for the film to evolve from a vehicle driven by Mel Gibson into what we have in theaters now. Originally Gibson was going to take over the role again, but after his publicized meltdown Miller went into another direction by going after Heath Ledger. After Ledgers death it halted the film yet again until Hardy stepped into the role. The time of waiting for the film and the revolving door of actors attached only helped the film transform into a moving graphic novel of torment and beauty.

The thing about this film the really surprises me is that fact that everyone seems to enjoy it. The critics are raving about it as it currently sits at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. In its third week in theaters it still sits among the top 5 films at the box office, only falling a small percentage each week as word of mouth spreads among fans at how great this film really is. I myself has watched Max twice now with every intention of buying the film when it comes out on Blu-ray. If you haven't gone out to see this film yet, head to your local theater now and watch it a few times because once just isn't enough.


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