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Daniel Rodriguez

By the end of Fury Road, we see Max (Tom Hardy) walking among the crowd as if he was just a peasant. He goes to one of the garages and get his car back without much trouble, since the remaining war boys are only kids. Always center framed, he drives away in the desert.

Then we get to see Max driving until dawn to the opposite side from the one taken by Furiosa and her war rig. He is driving inland and the camera zooms in his face, revealing his bright eyes. He suddenly stops. The camera stays in his face and his eyes start to move, following something that is outside of the car.

Outside, there is a man standing by his door. Tom Hardy is not the center frame anymore, but the man is. Then the camera shows his face and we get to see Mel Gibson, crazy-faced. He then handles something to Hardy's character. The object is a boomerang.

- You forgot that, kid. - Max Rockatansky says. - Why did it take you so long?

Tom Hardy grunts like a beast, or a feral man.


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