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Once again, Moviepilot has challenged its creators to come up with a novel idea in one of its beloved contests. As a giant fan of comic book movies, I couldn't wait to start thinking of an idea for my own end credits scene. The only question I had to ask myself for this was: What movie should I create one for? The answer was obvious after looking through my movie collection, I just had to do The Dark Knight Rises. Why? Because there were so many open possibilities to explore. I was very surprised to hear that Christopher Nolan wasn't going to continue making movies, because there was so much more he could have done. There is one possibility, maybe even a theory, that in my opinion stands out above the rest, and that is what I'm going to submit to the contest.

The Scene

The scene starts after the credits role, and we can see it takes place in a prison, presumably Blackgate. We see a very much alive Bane being ushered in with chains on him, surrounded by police, and the jumpsuit goes down just low enough where we can see the wounds we assumed killed him on his upper chest. As Bane keeps walking, we hear an iconic laugh coming from a shadowy figure in a cell at the end of the hall. Bane's cell opens to the left, and before he goes in he looks at the figure. The camera zooms in a little on the man, just close enough where we can see green hair covering his face. The man stops laughing, and says calmly without looking up, "Why so serious?"

The Explanation

As you might recall, the Joker wasn't in The Dark Knight Rises because of the tragic death of Heath Ledger. Now, the fact that his face stays covered in my fictional scene means that they wouldn't have had to find a replacement, and I would imagine they would have Mark Hamill say the line (since he does the voice of the Joker in most cartoons and video games). Also, the fact that Catwoman shot Bane with a blaster that was on Batman's motorcycle means that Bane most likely didn't die, because Batman wouldn't have a weapon that could kill somebody (because of his no killing rule). Then there's the fact that we never saw Bane's body, we were just left to assume his fate for ourselves. This could also open up a relationship between Bane and the Joker, inevitability leading to them breaking out of prison together. And do you seriously think that Robin and the police could take on Batman's two most dangerous villains by themselves? This would cause Bruce Wayne to come out of retirement and save his city once more.

What did you think? Did you like my scene? Let me know in the comments!


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