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Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor had been in spotlight since Avengers movies. I believe there is plenty other good heroes out there should earn spotlight like them as they were in movies.

1. Black Panther

He is like Marvel's Batman, but with interesting background story in Africa and his mineral known as Vibranium. T'Challa is raised by his father after his mom died in labor. T'challa's father was a king until T'challa take over. Black Panther have strong suit with claw made up from vibranium.

2. Vision

We saw him in Avengers 2 and he was made for villain,but he awakens to be with heroes. He have different kind of cool powers. If many of you played Marvel Avengers Alliance, you would understand his powers. He have yellow gem on his forehead that contain power like solar beam out of his head and heat vision. He also can fly. He have cool costume.

3. DareDevil

I don't think he had earned some spotlight, but hopefully he able to opening himself up one day after his successful series from Netflix. He became blind when he was a kid then trained to be vigilante. He went through tough time forgiving himself for many issues he went through, but deep inside he knew that he have good heart. Unfortunate for enemies that can't see good heart in daredevil because they done crimes and daredevil had to stop them or end the crimes to protect the city.

4. Ghost Rider

He seemed like a monster from hell, but deep inside his heart that he is good guy because he hunts demons, evil, and guilty souls. He did what he had to, but he didnt ask for it because he was tricked by demon by signing contract to save his father. he learned his lesson that never trust someone that could do miracle like power because it come with price. He ride motorcycles, carries chains, and wears motorcycle jackets.

5. Antman-Scott lang, since Antman come out in July 2015 by Paul Rudd

I believe Paul Rudd's Antman should earn spotlight as close spot as Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man. Antman is also original avenger along with second one. They changed plot around in upcoming movie. In deep inside, I believe he would do great job as Antman because he played heroic type of character before in Halloween 6 saved Strode family from Michael Myers. He have similar personality and attitude as meaning should apply it to that Antman character.

6. Silver Surfer

He had his appearance back in 2007 was pretty amazing and I adore his character. I believe he should make more appearance because he is more active in the outer space surfing around with cool cosmos powers. he is so mysterious, courage, and intelligent. He have a interesting background on his home world and his family. His relationship with Galactus is far interesting because he guide him as bad influence until Silver Surfer had to betray him to protect the earth which is heroic thing to do for him for good cause.

7. Punisher

He believe his action is good cause because he went through bad tragedy of his family massacre from mobster/gangster. He had to kill to end murderer/rapist/other dangerous people to be alive. Some of us as different view is that he is superhero that nobody actual see it because he kills bad people which doesn't make him hero. Other side of view is that he is bad guy, because he kills as it not solve anything. He went through problems with other super heroes like Spiderman, Daredevil, and other heroes. He have different kind of weapons he use to terminate criminals. He trust good people who accept who is and his action of living.

8. Blade

Blade's job as hero is slay all evil vampires that invade innocent humans. Blade is outsider because he knew people are afraid of Blade and think he is serial killer when he is not killing humans, but vampires. He saved some innocent from becoming vampires with some cures he discovered. He was raised by old man after Blade was born half vampire and half human after his mom was bitten by vampire. That is his story growing up that nobody in world ever known about it and it what make it kind of sad and lonely. Blade have been betrayed couple times. There was Blade movies and TV (I personally have not seen TV series and not sure if i am interested seeing it because it was recast by new cast are not Wesley Snipes). Anyway, in the last movie, he has some two friends are Hannibal and Abigail who is Abraham's daughter after Abraham committed martyr to save Blade. These are true reasons why Blade deserve be on spotlight. Hint: (He is better character than Twilight.)

9. Bucky Barnes

In the comics, he took Steve's spot to become captain America. I believe that eventually happen upcoming movies. Bucky went through tough life as Winter Soldier while under brainwashed by Hydra going against his best friend Steve Rogers. As we seen he going through progress going back to normal by himself as he was used to be from WW2. It is also interesting to see him transforming into captain America as true next hero we know.

10.Unknown(You write below and sound off who should be next spotlight like Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man.) Can be more than one heroes you wish that are not on the list!!!


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