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It's become a tale as old as time now. Who hasn't seen Episode IV: A New Hope by now? Well, there are probably a few. I'm confident the readers and creators on this site know the story.

Young, Force-sensitive Luke Skywalker destroys the ultimate weapon of the evil Galactic Empire, the Death Star, by shooting a torpedo into an impossibly small exhaust port. Big space station go boom. Luke Skywalker is hailed by the Rebellion as a hero and gets a medal. Queue the John Williams score and end credits.

Did you ever wonder what might have become of the the architect who designed the Death Star? Do you think Emperor Palpatine would have been in a forgiving mood? Anything is possible, I guess. He might have need of this builder to design another weapon, even another Death Star. Let's explore that possibility...

After the End Credits

Location: The planet Coruscant, throne world of the Galactic Empire

Time: An unspecified time after the destruction of the first Death Star, but prior the Empire Strikes Back

Cut to an armed contingent of Stormtroopers escorting a furry, mouse-like alien down a long hallway to a large set of doors. This might be the most unassuming creature you have ever seen in the Star Wars universe. It looks less fierce than an Ewok standing barely four feet tall. The alien is Plutho Krenn, a Rodentian and architect of the Death Star. And, he's looking rather nervous.

The large doors open to the throneroom. Plutho Krenn slowly walks in. At the entrance, the red-clad Royal Imperial Guards uncross their lances. Plutho slowly makes his way down the floor to the small staircase leading up to the throne.

Duuuude, you're in truuuuuuuu-ble!
Duuuude, you're in truuuuuuuu-ble!

With his throne turned away from his "guest" and staring at the night stars through the palace windows, Emperor Palpatine speaks.

Palpatine: "So, tell me of the exhaust port, architect."

Plutho: "My liege, I-I-I'm so sorry this happened. It was insignificant, and, I didn't think..."

Palpatine: "The flaw that destroyed my weapon was insignificant?"

Plutho: "Y-Yes, I mean n-n-no. I mean the port was only designed to release noxious gases created by the engines. The o-o-opening was so small, I never dreamed anything could enter it. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I'm asking for another chance to make this right for you, my Lord! I humbly ask for your mercy."

Plutho: (in a small almost inaudible voice) "Please don't kill me."

(Silence for what seems like and eternity for Plutho)

(The Emperor turns around in his chair to face him. You can almost hear the Rodentian's heart beating in his chest.)

Palpatine: "You have nothing to fear from me architect. I will not harm you."

Plutho: "Many thank yous , my Lord!"

Palpatine: "Do you have the designs for my new space station?"

Plutho: "Oh, yes my Lord. I gave them to your chief builder before I was brought to you. I assure, there are no flaws this time. You can count on me!"

Palpatine: "Then come architect. Let us discuss the new plans."

Feeling the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders, the Rodentian follows Palpatine to a side chamber. Approximately twenty paces through the doorway, Plutho feels the air turn cold. The door closes.

As Plutho walks, a large hulking figure slowly rises behind him, the figure's shadow eventually engulfing him. Teeth chattering, he hears a familiar, sinister snap-hiss sound. Terror running through every pore of his body, Plutho slowly turns and sees the intimidating figure of Darth Vader behind him. Weeping uncontrollably, a red glow slowly washes over his face as he hears the menacing hum of a lightsaber blade rising in Vader's hand.

(Cut to the Emperor watching the soon-to-be carnage. As you hear the lightsaber crash down, Palpatine smiles.)

Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!!
Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!!

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