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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is of course getting ready to appear on-screen again; but this time, he'll definitely be connected with the correct Marvel Universe. Spider-Mans appearance actually may happen even sooner than fans have expected! Coming up really soon in the summer on July 17, 2015 the new Marvel film "Ant-Man" is set to be released to theaters. This small film will be featuring, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, and Spidey?

Possible Spiderman Easter Egg?

"Latino Review" has just recently released a statement saying that Spider-Man and Oscorp Industries will be possibly referred to at-least once or multiple times. The rumor is said to be "unconfirmed" for now. Fans will most likely not get a first look at Spider-Man, but a slight easter egg; since Marvel hasn't decided who will exactly play the role of the New-Yorker web-slinger!

What Would The Easter Egg Be?

There has also been speculation to where the easter egg might take place in the upcoming film. Spider-Man may not be mentioned yet, but Oscorp may be involved with Darren Cross and the selling of the Ant-Man technology. This scene might not just involve Oscorp, but other well-known organizations such as, The Ten Rings and Roxxon.

Is Spider-Man Coming Sooner Than Fans Thought?

Marvel hasn't picked the new actor to play the role of Spider-Man yet, so fans won't get a glimpse at Spidey until possibly next year. Spidey may also make a cameo in "Captain America: Civil War" and he'll be involved with "Avengers: Infinity War Part I". This isn't going to happen yet, until Marvel reveals which one of the young actors will portray him on-screen.

Fans are just going to have to wait and see! Ant-Man will shrink into theaters July 17, 2015!


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