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I have to consider myself a horror movie addict, but I get way more attached to the film if the lead character is a girl, a smart beautiful girl, and not a dumb blonde who runs upstairs, throws things to the persecutor and ends up getting killed.

This are my top three favorite movies that fall in that category:

1.) American Mary

Mary is a med school student that finds herself in a tight money situation, after a few struggles she will soon find out that her real calling is body modification, and those who put her in that situation, will be modified...

This is one of the best, yet underrated horror films I've seen. It's realistic, it's bloody and it has Katharine Isabelle in it! I just love this movie for all the reasons, it's one of those that you have to watch in order to understand why all the fuzz. It's so beautiful, and the soundtrack is fantastic; definitely my favorite.

BONUS: Watching Katharine Isabelle for almost two hours.

2.) The Haunting

Eleanor, a woman with sleeping problems gets contacted for a sleep study being held at an old mansion, what she doesn't know is that she will soon be closer to death than sleeping at night.

This film has everything that you look for in a old house/mansion/ghost horror movie, the photography is pretty good, the scares are not cliché and the cast features Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson and, of course, Lili Taylor as Eleanor. In all of my years loving horror films, I haven't seen this one as raved about as it deserves. If you haven't watched this 1999 classic, you're missing out.

BONUS: Catherine Zeta-Jones looks incredible here.

3.) Dumplings

Mrs. Li, a former actress feels like she is losing her youth and the love of her husband as well, so she goes to Aunt Mei - famous for her youth restoring dumplings. While Mrs. Li see's a difference in herself, she may not want to know what the ingredients are...

This probably is not that underrated among horror cinema lovers, however it is around the general audience for the simple fact of it being an Asian film. Probably five or six years ago, I would have just swiped it off because watching films in a different language wasn't much of my thing, but you get to learn that good cinema comes in all colors, shapes, and languages.

BONUS: You will feel better about your looks once you find out that beauty can be fishy sometimes.


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