ByJerry Greaton, writer at

First off I would have dead pool. Not because he is famous or on my mug it's because he's invinceable and all around better than anyone else in the marvel universe plus he's got a loud mouth,every team needs one.

Next comes the flash, he's always been one of my favorites but not just normal Barry Allen the blue lantern version of Barry the one where the black lanterns where taking over the universe. I chose him because he is fast and freakishly fast.

The third member would have to be Wiccan of the avengers academy. Just because he's pretty much a mix between Thor and his mother scarlet wich. He is also the sole power source of a utopian society.

The last is the iron spider (Amadeus cho) one of the smartest people in the world. Nuff said.

And that is my squad for the contest


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