ByDylan Albon-Brown, writer at
Superheroes are awesome

The scene follows the scene where cap says avengers assemble and it introduces the new avengers

Captain America- welcome everyone too the new team of the avengers. Ok here's the mission, we have too

spiderman flings into the shield base too interrupt captain America

Spider-Man- HEY!!!!!! Why didn't I get invited?!?!?!?!?!

spiderman acts very angry with the situation

Captain America- and who are you young man?
Spiderman- who am I? Who am I! I'm your friendly naibourhood spiderman, and I am not young! I am a very responsible 18 year old MAN!

a flash back goes to him singing in the shower

black widow starts to speak

captain America- well I'm sorry but your a bit too young
Spiderman- fine I'm leaving this stupid place, but if you start crying for me to save you, I ain't coming, unless you buy me a burger. I'm going to see if iron man needs me his cool

spiderman leaves and

Captain America- ok well here's the mission, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE AGAIN!


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